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Luxcore Weekly Report: November 30, 2018

Nov 30, 2018 · 2 min read


Remco G. — also known as Geraroz on Discord — will officially take up the role he has been unofficially performing for Lux for several months as Lead of the testing team. This move, alongside the earlier appointment of Tetyana Spronyuk as Product Quality Officer, will further help to improve our product testing and quality control processes.

Remco is also responsible for compiling and managing Luxcore’s new documentation hub at This Knowledge Base will be a central repository for information and guides designed to help answer the most common and pertinent questions Lux users have about masternodes, mining and staking.

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Congratulations to our three Swagsgiving contest winners! @alecandro3000 @MichaelKizakian and @TudorVacarel won a draw for some sweet and swanky swag.


+ UpdateTheme setting page
+ Update Topbar styles
+ Add Theme Menu Icon on Topbar
+ Add Theme Menu & Event
+ Add dropdown button on OrderEntry component
+ Add YourFill component
+ Add Chart Function, Header on OrderBook, Header on Time&Sales
+ Update Chart
+ Update OrderBook

+ Working on storage controller
+ Working on adding DFS announce message
+ Working on fixing ConstructMerklePath
+ Working on MerklePath optimization

+ Currently, when user performs a transaction, the fee will be paid by the sender
+ So, Luxcore is working towards implementing a feature allowing the fee to be paid by the receiver
+ In addition, other bug fixes and improvements include:

+ Improve lock mechanism to reduce cpu usage
+ Allow to remove a Tx from mempool for RPC command
+ Remove unusual num threads in httpserver
+ Fix wallet hang during request shutdown
+ Show Smart Contract hashes in Qt block explorer
+ Improve Qt block explorer UI
+ Fix “Insufficient funds” issue
+ Improve highlighting, search function, errors/warnings in solidity code editor
+ Fix bugs in Qt overview page

+ Routine maintenance of all servers
+ Adding a new layer of security

+ Continue to develop new app for iOS and Android



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