Luxcore Weekly Report: October 19, 2018

Oct 20, 2018 · 3 min read
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CoinMarketCap and Luxcore bring you: Proof of Stake

From the CMC editorial desk: Having read all kinds of articles about Proof of Stake, we started wanting to see the whole picture, explained in the same place, in an easy-to-understand way. We got Luxcore to write for this week’s primer on Proof of Stake — hope you find it as good (and funny) a summary as we did!

Luxcore to be listed on Bitfineon

Bitfineon is the compelling new decentralized exchange soon to be launched by our good friends at the Alqo project. As you know, Luxcoin is already listed on the Bitshares-based Crypto-Bridge, and is soon to be the star feature on Luxcore’s own LuxGate. We are such big believers in blockchain decentralization, though, that when the opportunity came along to be among the launch coins on Bitfineon we leapt at it!

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Bitfineon remains for the time being in development, as the Alqo team is very thorough in their testing procedures, just like the Luxcore dev team. But if you’d like a sneak peek (Editor’s note: a “sneak peak” is a sleuthing mountain) at what trading on Bitfineon might look like, check out the following preview:

Successful PoS web-wallet-as-a-service test

We have been talking about our web-wallet-as-a-service (WWaaS) for awhile. We’ve been saying things like…

Well, the proof (of stake) is in the pudding (of steak?). We have completed our first successful test using the Lux PoS web wallet with the Espers Coin PoS blockchain.


LuxGate development:

NB: Most devs have been more or less reassigned to LuxGate / Luxtre as we wrap it up in preparation for beta.
+ Added LuxGate brand and logo w/ splash screen
+ LuxGate stock chart redesign
+ Account page fixes
+ Some minor aesthetic fixes to the UI
+ Add links to social networks with icons
+ Added more atomic swap RPC functionality

Luxtre development:

+ Fix getstakingstatus API
+ Add more functionality to debugwindow
+ Some UI updates to overview, masternode, smart contract, staking and send pages
+ Improve wallet unlock process
+ Implement wallet backup process
+ Updated build script for Ubuntu 16.04

QT wallet and Core development:

+ RPC and bech32 tweaking
+ i2p connect via SOCKS5 for Privacy mode
+ Improved level of detail for PoS block information

Web wallet development:

+ Updated SQL for web wallet database



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