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Luxcore Weekly Report: September 28, 2018


Official Luxcore Merch Store:

Luxcore opened its official merch store at The store includes a variety of Lux-branded swag including clothing, phone cases, hats, and this holiday season’s no. 1 must-have item, the Luxcore Mercury Mug!

Checkout securely with credit card, Google Pay or CoinPayments — a leading cryptocurrency payment processor accepting dozens of coins.

Behind the Blockchain:

This week’s episode of Behind the Blockchain featured the face of Luxcore’s monthly AMA and Chief Strategy Officer, John Kim.

Luxcore Academy // Security Tips:

Luxcore has a civic responsibility to provide leadership and mentorship in the area of blockchain security and to transfer this knowledge to our community in a manner that is easily accessible. To this end, Luxcore Academy provides brief security tips for our users. We encourage you to contact any Luxcore personnel if you have further questions about Luxcore Academy features — we would be only too pleased to discuss blockchain security issues in greater detail with you.

This week’s focus is on private keys. Giving your private key to a stranger is like handing your house key to a stranger. Stay alert; stay safe!


Web wallet development:

— New features
+ Allow users to select inputs instead of whole addresses
+ Email users to inform account deletion if their account have 0 balance after 30 days.

— Services
+ Other coins testing is being performed now.
+ It is so far so good and we are ready for our services.

Mobile wallet development:

+ Mobile wallet is being reviewed for its UI design.
+ Lux UI components is being implemented also.

LuxGate development:

+ The core processing is being integrated into luxd/lux-qt.
+ Basically, LuxGate will swap real assets and not databases.
=> Each party involved in a transaction has to receive confirmation of assets presence in order to seal a trade
+ As plan, LuxGate Protocol will be implemented in Luxtre wallet.
+ However, we will implement it in other wallets as well.
+ The testing is being performed now.
+ It is so far so good and we will be able to launch it soon.

QT wallet and Core development:

— Hierarchical Deterministic Wallet (HD wallet) development
+ In old Lux wallet, a pair of private/public addresses is randomly generated.
+ This requires you to take a backup each time you make a new pair of addresses.
=> Backup so many private/public addresses as the number of your transactions increase
+ With LUX HD wallet, backup will performed only once.
+ HD wallets will generate a hierarchical tree-like structure of keys which start from the seed master key based on BIP32.
+ When HD wallet is restored by using the seed key, the wallet goes ahead and drives all the private keys of the tree using BIP32.
=> The seed key backup is mandatory and should be kept safe
+ The basic feature is finished and so far so good.

— Security improvement
+ No new updates as this feature is still in on-going development. Will update in next weekly update.
+ The coin will provide 2 new functions: Transparent and Privacy.
+ Transparency uses the normal protocol, while Privacy uses the i2p protocol.
+ If people use the Transparency protocol, everything will show (tx in/out, ipaddress, etc.)
+ If people use the Privacy protocol, everything will be hidden but conditions will be applied.
+ The backend is finished and we are doing some GUIs on QT

— Luxcore DApp JavaScript Library (Luxd.js)
+ A LUX full node for building applications and services with Node.js.
+ This is Luxcore JavaScript library for Smart Contract development.
+ It is still in development; Will update in next weekly update.

Explorer development:

+ Creating new design for:

* Main Page
* Blocks Page
* Addresses Page
* Addresses Search Page
* Blocks Page
* Blocks by Date Page
* Stats Page
* Status Page
* Token Search Page
* Rich List Page

+ Enable https



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