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Luxcore: Your Bridge to the Decentralized World

Luxcore is a blockchain solutions and services ecosystem focused on building decentralized privacy and security infrastructure and products for individuals and enterprise. Since its inception, Luxcore has maintained an upward trajectory and upheld an ambitious ethos, quickly becoming (arguably) one of the most secure blockchain networks in existence. With our knowledgeable, transparent, and highly skilled team, we not only continue to innovate, but overhaul modern blockchain technology and its respective use cases.

Below, we’ll discuss how we arrived here and what you can expect from us and the Luxcore platform in the future.

Luxcore: A Brief History

Let’s take a brief look at Luxcore’s history to understand where we came from and better understand where we are headed in the future!

Luxcore’s 2017

Launched in 2017, Luxcore established its unique approach to traditional blockchain infrastructure from the get-go, rolling out a Proof-of-Work/Proof-of-Stake hybrid chain known as PHI1612, further secured by masternodes. LUX masternodes enabled investors and enterprise to secure the Luxcore network by running a dedicated 24/7 server by locking up a set portion of their LUX (16,120).

Not only did this hybrid chain tackle common hash security issues faced by other blockchain projects over the years, but enabled extreme energy efficiency — something severely lacking with a traditional PoW consensus algorithm.

Our PoW algorithm was celebrated by GPU miners as a true answer to remediating cryptocurrency mining’s ecological footprint. As news spread, LUX became popular amongst GPU miners and gained market recognition as one of the most profitable coins to mine (as touted by major third-party tracking websites).

Luxcore’s 2018

In June 2018, lead by Luxcore’s Chief Cryptographer Tanguy Pruvot (tpruvot), Luxcore released its enhanced version of PHI1612, PHI2. Specifically, PHI2 added new anti-FPGA functionality to protect against network tampering and centralization and introduced even greater industry-leading electricity consumption and heat generation efficiency.

LUX has always prioritized GPU miners by actively preventing the consolidation of mining power by use of specialized hardware.

Luxcore Today

In furtherance of GPU miner sustainability, egalitarian rewards, and true distribution of hash power amongst the people, Luxcore announced their switch to the RandomX2 (RX2) mining algorithm in September of this year (2019).

This switch is both essential for Luxcore’s ability to compete in today’s blockchain ecosystem, and implement best security, privacy, and efficiency practices. Simply put, RX2 is positioning Luxcore to be at the forefront of the decentralized world.

The Luxcore Lesson

Luxcore has grown a great deal in its near-three year history, with each lesson building on top of the other and preparation of the network for today’s ever-changing market and user demands. We have benefited greatly from a dedicated team, with diverse backgrounds in enterprise, cryptography, marketing, PR, and countless other fields, and forged new relationships with blockchain industry leaders and members of the community.

We have especially enjoyed the wide support and feedback from our community, and certainly wouldn’t be where we are today without them. We look forward to hearing your comments, critiques, and thoughts about the direction of Luxcore, and will do our best to thoughtfully reflect on each suggestion.

So what is ahead for Luxcore this 2019 and 2020?

Luxcore’s 2019 & 2020 Ahead

Luxcore has been burning the candle at both ends this 2019 and is set to continue this 2020. Below are several key features and products you can expect for the Luxcore network and ecosystem in the upcoming months and year.

RX2 Algorithm Implementation

The Luxcore team is hard at work on our next algorithm, and you can expect an update from us on this very soon!

Luxgate: The First True DEX

We’re thrilled to toss our hat in the ring by building the first truly decentralized trading exchange, Luxgate. Luxgate is set to utilize atomic swaps and smart contract order books to enable peer-to-peer (P2P) trading, and positioned to shift control back to the crypto community and its users.

Specifically, Luxgate is set to eliminate third-party interference and trading fees. We are currently in beta testing for Luxgate with a team selected by our community.

Beta testing is going extremely well and we are expected to expand our test group as we progress to the next stage before final release (MVP). We have already announced the listing of several coins and projects, which can be found over at our Twitter page and Discord.

If you’d like more information about Luxgate or find out how your project can be among the first listed, please visit us at

Luxedge & Decentralized File Storage (DFS)

Putting power back in the hands of developers silenced by centralized software development platforms, Luxedge is a decentralized software development repository and platform. Luxedge is built on top of Luxcore’s Decentralized File System (DFS) to ensure immutable commits and access, and platform reliability.

You can read up further on Luxedge over at

Final Thoughts

Between Luxgate, Luxedge, and RX2’s implementation, we are truly distinguishing ourselves from other blockchain platforms and ecosystems and building a suite of core products to serve individuals and major markets.

We are proud to be at the forefront of making a truly decentralized world a reality. For more information about our team, products, and platform, please visit us at

Finally, make sure to follow us on the below channels to stay updated about our progress!








-The Luxcore Team



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