New LUX Wallet Update (5.3.5) Brings Fixes and Improvements

Sep 4, 2020 · 2 min read
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We have just release an update (v5.3.5) for the LUX wallet!

This is not a mandatory upgrade, but it does bring with it a number of fixes and improvements. This update bundles together many fixes we have been working on and helps prepare us for the larger updates to come.

While this update is not mandatory (no hard fork involved), it fixes some client-side issues with Smart Contracts. If you are utilizing Smart Contracts or plan to do further testing of them, please download and use this update.

One visual improvement we’ve long wanted to release was a new Dark Mode theme for the LUX wallet, so we are excited to release that finally! Here is a complete list of all changes:

- Make <save contract> option more visible on deployment
- Add info for available valid inputs on Smart Contract and LSR token
- Hide HEX convert action when conversion is done
- Add a button in smart contracts line edits for auto detect LUX type address
- Minor code fix remove style sheet definition only when window is on
- Hide find widget when help window is on about mode (#105)
- Fix testnet Smartcontract initialization
- add search widget on console options (#104)
- Remove prune code and mid-shutdown logic.
- [misc] Corrected a few typos, moved most subsidy vars to chainparams
- [ux] Misc theming changes by TopoX
- [misc] Keep warning users about LogEvents for the time being
- [ux] Added a hex converter for SC by TopoX
- [depends] Install bdb in /usr/local
- [depends] Remove old vars we don’t use
- [depends] Make sure we skip enough dirs before applying the patch
- [depends] Patch bdb against newer GCC versions
- [depends] Switched to building bdb from source
- [depends] Remove duplicate packages, other small tweaks
- [misc] Added peer-limiting on sync (moved to mc)
- [QT] SC & LSR drop down address fix and final touches for dark themes
- Adding dark themes for lux QT wallet — changes include add css, add stylesheet
- [misc] Remove some log clogging, make sure we trail back after each msg
- [misc] Remove ext flags from serialization routines
- [misc] Fix a big OOMph in our compressor code.
- [smart-contracts] Bump default gas to 5M, switch to a thread-safe
- Make sure the depends script uses proper stack size for windows

To download the new update, visit:

Our team is hard at work on the upcoming RX2 integration and Luxgate, which will bring a new era for our project. We will get back with an RX2 update in the coming days as well. Thank you for your patience and continued support!


Finally, please feel free to leave us your feedback, as we always welcome it!

-The Luxcore Team



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