Mrs. Guest with her son in Palm Beach, by Slim Aarons, an important photograph from the 1950s.

Here in the U.S., in the middle of the Coronavirus storm, we are in mandated quarantine, consuming news and rumors like a Keto-diet breakfast bar. We’re living in this moment when the ideal of the “good life” as conceived in the 1950s, is finally irrelevant. Privilege and Luxury now have…

Scents for the Non-Tinder Generation

Long before there were fragrance trends, like gourmand and marine, and perfume wardrobes, there were signature scents. A classic fragrance always invites intimacy and often requires it. Some of the best fragrances require body heat to blossom, hopefully, the heat generated by two bodies. We have become less inclined to…

There is a singular excitement to see technological tours-de-force that combine innovation, tradition and imagination. At the extreme high-end of horology, these watches represent a new baroque aesthetic that will appeal to collectors and investors of timepieces, but also to dreamers who are fascinated by such creations.

Luxe Trends

Luxe Trends provides Expert Monitoring, Analysis and…

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