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Community Update June 2018

This is our second community update. Since the last update we at Luxor have been working hard on new initiatives and improving our current offerings. As usual we rely on our community’s feedback, so please comment or send us a message on ways we can continue to improve!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Luxor, we are an integrated crypto mining business. Our core offering is mining pools built for high quality cryptocurrency communities. We currently run pools for Sia, Decred, LBRY, Loki, Aion and Monero.


We successfully developed and released the first PPS Loki pool. We built it from scratch to provide the most reliable and fastest user experience possible. Currently, we’ve over 10% of the network hashrate.

Wallpaper by: TarantuloTV

For those that don’t know the Loki project:

Loki enables its users to trade and communicate with absolute freedom and anonymity. Cryptography and encryption prevent your personal information from being gathered by third party entities during your transactions.

Loki integrates a Service Node system similar to the masternode system used by DASH. These Service Nodes have two key functions: they provide greater network resilience, and also acts as a secondary network that can perform various functions like SNApps that are applications built on top of the layer of incentivized service nodes.

In the spirit of freedom, Loki is also an open-source project.


We’re releasing the first PPS Aion pool and we’re really excited about this project. For the ones that don’t know the Aion project:

Aion is a multi-tier blockchain network designed to enable the decentralized internet by providing a protocol and standard for dissimilar systems to communicate. Aion is designed to solve unique industry problems like scalability and interoperability in blockchain networks. On top of that, the Aion network will allow to create a contiguous value chain across networks.

Decred and Sia

We surpassed the 1PH/s mark in our Decred pool. We decided to give back to the Decred community that supports us so we lowered our PPS fee to 1% for an entire month. Also, we’re running a 10 DCR giveaway, continue reading to see how to enter.

We asked our Sia miners what payout structure they prefer: PPS vs PPLNS. After hearing what everyone had to say we changed our payout structure back to 2% PPS. Now, all of our pools are PPS which is the most robust and transparent system.

Monero Coming Soon

Monero miners get ready to start your engines….. Tweet at us pools that you would like to see Luxor set up in the future!


We want to reach as many miners as possible around the world and provide the same experience to everyone. That’s why we translated our main page in 6 different languages (English, Spanish, Russian, Cantonese, Mandarin and French).

We are looking to expand these translations to our Help Page in the near future. If you’re fluent in any of these languages feel free to reach out and help us out.

Partnership with Vosk

We partnered with VoskCoin Youtube Channel and helped to spread the Loki project to more crypto enthusiast and miners. Also, we funded a Loki giveaway and offered one month of 0% PPS mining for the Loki community.

This partnership was beneficial for both parties and we’re excited to partner with more community influencers, manufacturers and app developers in the near future.

Chinese Miners - start your engines!

We’re currently working on getting a new set of pool servers located inside mainland China - inside the Great Firewall! Expect these new set of Stratum nodes in the following days.


Would you like to win 10 DCR? Share this Medium post and tag us on Twitter at @LuxorTechTeam to participate. We will announce the winner in 10 days.

Social Media

We’ve an active community of miners that’s growing each day on our Discord.

We added new channels like #trading and #mining-rig-porn and we’re always looking for Mods and active users that are able to help a fellow miner.

Feel free to join:

Also, you can ping us in Twitter: @LuxorTechTeam



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