Is Blockchain Company LuxTag the Solution to Europe’s IP Problems?

On 13th and 14th June 2018, LuxTag joined the “EDB Forum 2018” organized by EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office) in Alicante. EDB stands for “Enforcement Data Base”.

Perfectly arranged in a beautiful venue, the event gathered right holders from all over Europe, and enforcers and customs officers from the 28 Member States of the EU. All the participants joined forces to pursue one common objective: finding concrete solutions to IP infringements such as counterfeit.

LuxTag, as an anti-counterfeit solution provider, took part in the event to increase its understanding of the different procedures applied in the market, to customize its solutions to the European clientele.
During the two-day event, the key fundamentals were networking and collaboration, in order to share the best practices, questions, and proposals between all parties.

On June 13th, the participants were welcomed by Deputy Executive Director, Christian Archambeau, and by Paul Maier, Director of the Observatory. A few speakers followed, presenting the latest changes that have a direct impact in IPR enforcement, such as the new certification marks and the possible consequences of Brexit on customs’ AfA (Applications for Action). The rest of the day was spent discussing among three groups (Right Holders, Customs Coordination Meeting, and High-Level Meeting with Police Forces.) These groups spoke about the challenges faced in case of IP infringement.

After enjoying lunch with a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean Sea, LuxTag attended a presentation by European associations focusing on creating connections between the private sector such as right holders and anti-counterfeit solution providers and the public sector such as customs, etc. The session ended with different pieces of training on how to deal with the EDB and with the EUIPO online tools.
Later in the evening, participants enjoyed the dinner all together, providing a fantastic opportunity for LuxTag to build solid connections with European companies and representatives.

During the second day the three groups of right holders, customs agents, and police officers engaged in discussions about the outcome of the previous day’s focus groups. The most significant issues faced by all parties concerned the goods in transit and the small consignment procedure, that now takes place through processes neither fast nor efficient for any of the parties involved.
The EDB Forum ended with an exhibition where right holders displayed their products and the counterfeit counterpart, sharing their best practices to verify the authenticity of the items.

LuxTag took the opportunity to share with the key market players its solution, that since 2017 combats counterfeit by using blockchain technology. As it was clear from discussions with all the parties involved, the LuxTag Solution would be an incredible benefit to guarantee authenticity and smooth the processes for goods in transit. The two-layered technology provided by LuxTag, composed of a tagging solution (hardware) and a blockchain ledger (software), would allow all parties to save time in ineffective processes.

The outcome of the event was great, and the objectives were reached: not only did LuxTag manage to expand its knowledge about the best practices and challenges in Europe when facing counterfeit and other IP infringements, but it also built stable relationships that will soon allow LuxTag to penetrate the European market better.

About LuxTag
LuxTag is an anti-counterfeit and anti-theft solution provider, utilizing the state of the art blockchain platform called NEM. The blockchain-powered service issues digitized certificates of authenticity for tangible products, linking these to brands and owners through multi-signature smart contracts. The LuxTag technology provides additional business intelligence through innovative means of enhanced customer engagement.
To learn more about LuxTag, please visit or contact Sheng (COO) at

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