LuxTag Attends the Grand Naseba BLOCKX Event in Dubai

“Storing and Securing Sensitive Data” workshop

The 30th of October was a notable day for LuxTag, our team members Faeez M Noor (CFO & co-founder) and Sami Abuzarifa (head of marketing) went all the way to Dubai to attend a grandiose Blockchain event Naseba BLOCKX hosted by Naseba organization. The event took place at the iconic venue in Dubai Queen Elizabeth 2 hotel, where blockchain enthusiasts and entrepreneurs gathered to discuss how Blockchain will revolutionize industries such as banking, healthcare, public services, logistics and many more.

Faeez M Noor with Mohamed Ghousheh (CEO of Noor Capital PSC)

Event’s agenda concentrated on a few main topics: fintech, cybersecurity, blockchain and its impact on today’s economy. Presenters and panelists debated how the banking sector could benefit from blockchain technology regarding security and accessibility matters.

Moreover, participants had a great opportunity to network in personalized matchmaking meetings and make valuable business connections. LuxTag hosted a workshop together with Blockgemini where both companies talked about the tokenization of physical assets. At the end of the event, other participants were engaged in a discussion regarding the topic, asking questions and give suggestions.

Faeez M Noor and Sami Abuzarifa at Naseba BLOCKX event

All in all, Naseba event was successful, attending it was a significant chance for LuxTag to learn more about a compelling UAE market and the possibilities of expanding into the region. Furthermore, organizers and staff did a great job hosting many different companies and ensuring the best service possible. LuxTag is highly satisfied and is looking forward to participating in upcoming Naseba events.

Naseba is an established platform which helps their clients to raise capital, close sales, enter new markets and add economic value at every stage of their journey.