Luxtag Contributes to the Mosque Construction in Desa Kayumalue, Northern Palu

Yayasan Amal Malaysia team at Masjid Iqra

The last few months in Indonesia have been dreadful, the country and the whole world stood still in the face of the tragic events that occurred from September to October. An earthquake and the ensuing tsunami destroyed cities and killed more than 2000 people, many more were injured or left without homes, 70 thousand people were evacuated, and thousands are still missing. However, in the face of catastrophic events, people still managed to keep hope and raise again to rebuild their lives.

Desa Kayumalue Pajeko, a district of northern Palu, was razed to the ground after the deadly earthquake and tsunami. It had obliterated people’s homes, schools, shops, hospitals, and mosques. It left the community devastated, nevertheless, people didn’t give up and soon after the situation had stabilized, they started arranging reconstruction works. A non-governmental organization Yayasan Amal Malaysia made a significant contribution to rebuild the major religious sights in Palu and raise the spirit of the victims of the disastrous event. In a one-week humanitarian mission the organization helped with rebuilding four mosques:

  • Masjid Iqra at Kelurahan Lere, Kabonena, Palu, Palu City, Central Sulawesi
  • Masjid Al Muhajirin at Jono Oge, Sigi Biromaru, Sigi Regency, Central Sulawesi
  • Masjid Ar Rahman at Jl. Tombolotutu №105, Talise, Mantikulore, Kota Palu
  • Masjid Jami Pantoloan, at Pantoloan, Palu, Palu City, Central Sulawesi

Moreover, the devoted team was supporting people with medical and hygiene supplies, teaching women and single moms to sew clothes, bake cakes with the intent to sell them to collect money.

LuxTag’s team member Ira Indarta participated in the mission as a volunteer, after coming back to Malaysia she was feeling sorrowful. When she was asked about the mission, Ira said, “Some friends asked me: “how was Palu?” I only have one word to describe it: heartbreaking. You might have never seen this before, neither me. Many parts of communities are devastated to dust and many lives lost their families, friends, neighbors, school, mosques and churches, their house, their shops, their property, their cars. This massive disaster did not only leave people poor, but many people now are homeless and bedding their nights at the shelter(tent), at the street, at the ground where their house used to be.”

Yayasan Amal Malaysia team helping the community with medical and hygiene supplies

LuxTag was heartbroken to hear how bad the situation was, therefore, the company sponsored as a part of a small corporate social responsibility (CSR) effort to support the trip. Moreover, the company fundraised several hundred dollars from employees and friends of LuxTag. LuxTag is more than glad to contribute with helping people to overcome this horrific event.

CEO of LuxTag Rene Bernard said, “We’re a startup with limited funding, and before break-even, we already understand that we need to be grateful for the blessings we have and the success we are enjoying alongside our journey. We are giving what we can to support our neighbors in Indonesia to do our small part to relieve their suffrage.”

Ira Indarta at the mission in Desa Kayumalue Pajeko

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