LuxTag Exhibits and Sponsors at the INNO Trade Security Summit in Kuala Lumpur

From July 24th until July 26th companies and associations gathered at INNO Trade Security Summit in Kuala Lumpur to learn and discuss trade security through Industrial Revolution 4.0. The event was held in the luxurious Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur hotel where attendees from all over the world discussed the importance of fighting against theft and counterfeited goods at the age of the new industrial revolution. LuxTag team was proud to be a sponsor and exhibitor of the event and share its insights and ideas regarding trade security. Key topics of INNO Trade Security Summit covered a rise of the IoT and its threats and risks, blockchain of logistics and supply chain, smart ports technologies, digital warehouse and security, advanced track and trace systems, integrated surveillance.

Three days were devoted to finding ways how to increase security in a trade field when facing threats of globalization. The first day of the event concentrated on how to implement technologies to boost trade security. Speakers from world-known companies and security associations shared their ideas and techniques on fighting with thefts, counterfeiters and other threats that the transportation industry faces. The second day was orientated on ensuring safety in the logistics sector. Speakers introduced key consequences from counterfeited goods market that the world is dealing now. The third day invited attendees to participate in the workshop which covered the topic of Facility Security Requirements. The workshop was led by Herdial Singh (Quality and Business Excellence Director, Agility Logistics, Treasurer at TAPA APAC, Singapore). LuxTag team members Sami Abuzarifa (Head of Marketing) and Blake Guier (Marketing Analyst) actively participated in the workshop and achieved TAPA certificates.

In this Photo Sami (Head of Markting) and Blake (Marketing Analyst) in a Workshop for “Facility Security Requirements”

INNO Trade Summit was a significant opportunity for the LuxTag to learn more about trade security, also introduce innovative solutions to companies and associations. Sharing ideas and moving forward help to fight threats that the trade industry is facing in these fast-changing times.

About LuxTag

LuxTag is an anti-counterfeit and anti-theft solution provider, incorporating track and trace systems to provide business intelligence to their clients. LuxTag is built utilizing state of the art blockchain-based applications that issue digitized certificates of authenticity for tangible products.