LuxTag Goes to Bangkok to Learn About Brand Protection and Innovative Packaging and Labeling Solutions

LuxTag Team Attends the 5th Global Brand Protection Innovation Programme

On the 6–7th of December, LuxTag® team members went to the beautiful capital of Thailand, Bangkok to attend the 5th Global Brand Protection Innovation Programme and 8th Packaging & Labeling Innovation Programme. These two events were devoted to brand protection, packaging, and labeling solutions. The two days of events were designed to discuss methods on how to solve safety issues that are facing brands. The main ideas were concentrating on new technologies such as blockchain, track and trace, artificial intelligence, IoT and many other recent innovations.

LuxTag as a digital tagging solution provider couldn’t miss the opportunity to be a part of this grand event. Our team members Faeez M Noor (CFO & Co-Founder), Sami Abuzarifa (Head of Marketing), and Blake Guier (Marketing Analyst) went to Bangkok to enhance their knowledge about brand protection, labeling and packaging solutions and to gain useful insight from other companies within the industry. It was an exceptional event to meet investors, companies’ leaders, and brand protection enthusiast, not to mention, to learn more about the matter and try to find matching solutions.

Faeez M Noor Presentation About Digital Twins

Faeez M Noor led a presentation about a revolutionary technology called Digital Twins. A digital twin is a digital representation of a physical object, process, or system, and it can exist in many forms. The presentation pointed out how digital twins could contribute by solving counterfeit issues and ensuring brand protection. Moreover, Faeez M Noor explained how LuxTag is already implementing a digital twins solution and featured LuxTag’s use cases.

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