Will Blockchain Be Able to Assist Elections in the Future?

Every time new elections take place, people and government representatives begin a never-ending discussion on how to make voting more effective and secure. More than that, there is a lack of accessibility and trust regarding ballot elections. Countries and cities search for revolutionary methods to transform voting and make it more transparent and trustworthy. Many agree that paper voting should be replaced; as a result, some nations are experimenting and implementing online voting. Some of the examples of online-held elections are Estonia, Brazil, Malaysia, and the United States.

However, as promising as it sounds, the concept still needs a lot of development. It fears the threats of hacked and leaked information, corrupted ballots and illegal interferes. These struggles inspire to search for a better solution. Therefore, many governments are looking at blockchain technology, and its features to make elections more organized and reliable. Blockchain seems like a silver bullet for genuine polls, but it has many obstacles in its way. In this article, we will discuss how a blockchain election system can assist elections and what barriers does it face.

The Role of Blockchain in Elections

Ballot-based voting has never been perfect. Lost votes, compromised tickets, bribery, influence by candidates, and so on, all these perils have been a significant risk of a current voting system….

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