The top 5 travel apps to download before you board your next flight.

The thing about a vacation is, the entire purpose of the exercise is to get away from admin. You’re not clocking out of your day job to clock into endless hours of planning every element of your adventure. Which is why we often leave the important planning elements to the last minute and aren’t properly prepared for that Machu Picchu climb or African safari.

Travel apps can make a world of difference (excuse the pun) to the experience you’ll have while travelling abroad. Supplement your usual travel tactics with these useful tech-aids and you’ll have a way easier time of navigating the unknown — without the pain of planning.

Book your flight, pack your bags, grab an Uber to the airport and be sure to download these 5 apps along the way.

  1. Wolfram Sun
  2. Honeyguide
  3. Google Translate
  4. Geosure
  5. Binaural Beats Therapy

Not sure what in the world a wolfram is or how binaural beats are supposed to get you through a 12 hour flight with a screaming child dangerously within arms reach? Read our full post here and if you like, thank us with a gentlemanly clap.