LWR Partner Launches First Mobile App in Swahili for Tanzanian Farmers

Gathering data for the Nyanya ni Pesa (Tomatoes are Money) project in Tanzania. Photo by Loretta Ishida/LWR
Photo by Loretta Ishida/LWR

Gutsinda Development Group in Partnership with Lutheran World Relief, Tanzania and Nyanya ni Pesa Project (Iringa District) have launched the first Mobile Agricultural Extension tool in Swahili.

The tool aims at aiding farmer facilitators (FF) while supporting farmers in tomato production. In addition, the mobile application has been enabled with weather information which is critical to farmers in aiding decision making.

Twenty-three farmer facilitators have been trained and equipped with mobile phones to conduct extension as well as collect data on project progress.

Read more about the Nyanya ni Pesa Project.

Originally published at agrilinks.org, a publication of the U.S. Agency for International Development.

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