VIII. Knowledge and Skill Acquisition

Team Sustainability: Catherine Yochum, Catherine Wang, Winter Clark, Willetta Wisely

Wiggins + McTighe’s Six Facets of Understanding

Our group’s first round of doing the six facets was with random examples, and that was quite fun to apply the six facets to aspects of our everyday life. Topics such as calculus and Tiger King were brought up, as well as city-planning and the issues with suburbia.


SET Learning Experience

Design Jam

The design jam was a useful exercise that helped boost our creative juices and allowed us to explore the different game elements we could include in our experience.

Moving Forward

For our next steps, Catherine Y. came up with the idea of shadowing our peers while they make daily choices such as shopping or recycling. This way, we can understand some of the concrete decisions that people make as well as understand the different values that real people hold.



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