2/2/2017: Brainstorm around Customer Needs

Working with Gabe and Justin, we started our brainstorm by creating a list of questions that an affluent customer may have. We based these questions on the customer research and personas provided by our client. Some of our questions were:

  1. How can I best utilize my money?
  2. What are the rules regarding my retirement account?
  3. Why do you need personal information about me? What do I get from sharing?

Once we had our questions, we drew out the four quadrants of McCarthy’s 4MAT system. This system organizes the learning process into four quadrants: Why?, What?, How does it work? and What if?. In order to map out the journey of the customer through each question, we looked at which questions feel under which quadrants. For instance, we determined that the question “What are the rules and regulations involving my retirement account?” belonged under the “how does it work?” quadrant because you are trying to figure out how your retirement account works.

We found ourselves narrowing quite a lot today; we brainstormed how we might address these questions and organize the learning experience of the user. We discussed the visual system for our design solution and how we can visually present the customer with financial advice.

We also addressed personalization, which we identified as a key area for creating user buy-in and building trust between the bank and the customer.

In regards to feedback, we discussed how we might use a quick emotion feedback system in order to evaluate how happy users are with how they spend their money. How might we build a system which provides users with feedback on how happy they are with their spending? Can we build visualizations which can help them develop happier money choices?