3/28/2017: Entry Points

In class on Tuesday, our group reflected on the feedback we received during the class “speed dating” critique. We reviewed the pros and cons of each our our 3 concepts, and discussed how we might move forward with a concept which hybridizes the best aspects of our concepts. We discussed how our three concepts all had something in common: a timeline-like visualization which shows customers the “big picture” of their financial lives.

We decided to focus on this timeline concept and discussed what might be a good entry point for using the timeline. Our booth in bank concept wasn’t a useful entry point because many people in our audience aren’t going to their local bank locations. This lead us to reviewing how, when, and where customers are interacting with their banks.

Through this review, we identified checking your transaction history online as a major potential entry point. We discussed how the timeline could introduce itself as an alternate method of viewing transaction history, and then present the connections between transactions and long term savings goals. By Thursday, Justin will develop a new storyboard based around our adjusted concept.