4/25 to 27/2017: Building Onboarding Screens

4/25/2017: Over the weekend, we each built out a few screens for the onboarding process. On Tuesday, we printed out the screens and pasted them together on the white board.

We looked over our document and critiqued the type, color palette, and language. We addressed the organization of the experience, and decided that more of the onboarding questions should be done in a chat format. In our critique, we decided that the wording and features of the bot personality features was a major concern.

4/27/2017: On Thursday, we focused on honing our language. We discussed how we might restructure the “personality and tone” options for the bot. We decided to tone down our language and relate it more to financial characteristics. We decided to combine tone and personality into one screen, where the user can see their bot’s tone change as the select certain personality features.

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