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Today, I wanted to talk about the purpose behind my podcast and why I think it’s important for me to take time to share my knowledge and experience.

Over the past 4 years, I’ve witnessed how being a young entrepreneur has its pros but also the cons that come with that too.
I’m a firm believer that finding investment is a journey and something that shouldn’t be rushed and through this, I’ve learned that there are many big egos surrounding some funds.

For the younger set of tech founders, we are in the middle of a transition where investors are watching some of the most innovative technology inventions be produced by not only the younger tier of the generation but also being created by college/ uni dropouts.

I want to use my personal podcast TheLydPeriod as a voice for the younger generation to tune and listen to who may be in the same situation searching for the right investors for their product/service while I continue to hunt for the correct people to bring into the HallHang family.

I would LOVE you to listen to my podcast currently on Anchor: 
Check out my podcast, thelydperiod, on Pocket Casts:


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