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Lucky Box: Reveal The Mystery

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Greetings Lyfe Buddy!

Lyfe Tokens that you earn from challenges and competitions, not only can be redeemed on Lyfe Rewards. You can also use Lyfe Tokens as a ticket to play one of Lyfe features, Lucky Box.

What is Lucky Box?

Lucky Box is a loyalty feature on Lyfe app. There are 2 types of loyalty program that you can play in Lucky Box: Instant Rewards and Special Rewards.

The main difference between these two is the period of the game. You can play Instant Rewards every day, while Special Rewards is an occasional loyalty program that has specific game period.

How to play Lucky Box

To play Lucky Box, go to the Lyfe app’s home, then select the Lucky Box feature. Tap the Lucky Box icon that floating on the bottom right. Then, exchange a specific amount of Lyfe Tokens that needed as playing tickets. The number of Lyfe Tokens needed will vary each time, especially for Special Rewards which are adjusted according to the occasion and period.

Tap the big Lucky Box that appears on the smartphone’s screen and wait for the surprise rewards only for you.

Lucky Box Reward

The rewards that you will get vary every time you play and of course it depends on your good luck. Starting from discount vouchers, various promos, to other rewards which are still a surprise. So, don’t forget to check the Lyfe app every day and play your Lucky Box.

Next, Lyfe will introduce one of the main features, LyfeX. With LyfeX, you can secure Lyfe Tokens in the form of asset. Keep up with our updates for more information!

Thank You and Stay Tune for Our Next Update!

Lyfe Team/Management

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RISK WARNING: Lyfe does not provide any investment, financial, accounting, valuation, tax, legal, or other professional advice. All decisions to buy, sell, or trade any Digital Assets using the Services are made solely by You, and You are fully responsible for all such decisions.




Wellness Rewards and Gamification build on decentralised platform, Open API and SDK. Take a look into the future of wellness.

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