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Lyfe Special Program: Barter Your Lyfe Token with Lyfe Watch!

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Want to have Lyfe Watch or Lyfe Fitness Band? Now is the right time to make it happen with Lyfe Special Program!

In Lyfe Special Program, you can simply exchange a specific amount of your Lyfe Token and get Lyfe Watch (with TAPCASH) or Lyfe Fitness Band (non-TAPCASH) in return.

Lyfe Watch and Lyfe Fitness Band are smartwatch products from Lyfe to complete your healthy lifestyle. Specifically for Lyfe Watch, Lyfe collaborates with Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI) to bring TapCash cashless payment technology to Lyfe Watch and make it the first payment smartwatch in Indonesia.

How to exchange it? Here are the steps:

  1. Fill in the Google Form at the following link:
  2. Check the latest amount of Lyfe Token that needed to barter with Lyfe Watch and Lyfe Fitness Band on the Google Form
  3. Make sure you write down how many Lyfe Watch you want and the shipping address correctly
  4. Transfer the specific amount of LYFE Token according to the e-mail to wallet address: bnb1k0779dltjkl6a05v5uq06zym62hcufzcqu6gq7
  5. Send the proof of transfer to e-mail:
  6. This barter is only valid in Indonesia
  7. There is NO SHIPPING FEE for Lyfe Watch and Lyfe Fitness Band delivery
  8. Shipping only applies to regions in Indonesia
  9. Done. Now, all you need to do is wait for the Lyfe Watch and Lyfe Fitness Band to arrive!

Barter Terms and Conditions

  1. Please read and fill out the form carefully. We are not responsible for errors in filling out forms by users or for sending Lyfe Tokens.
  2. The barter form that has been filled out by the user will be used as a final reference.
  3. This barter program can be carried out during the barter period or during stock availability.
  4. We may close this barter program at any time.
  5. Lyfe products that have been exchanged cannot be cashed, returned, or exchanged back to us.
  6. All disputes or disputes that occur in this barter program will be decided by the Lyfe developer. All decisions taken by developers are final.
  7. By filling out this form and making a barter, you understand and agree to these Terms & Conditions, Lyfe ecosystem Terms & Conditions, and Lyfe ecosystem Privacy Policy.

It’s easy, right?
So, exchange your LYFE Tokens now and get Lyfe Fitness Band (non-TAPCASH) and Lyfe Watch (with TAPCASH) to accompany your healthy life!

Stay Tune for Our Next Update!

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RISK WARNING: Lyfe does not provide any investment, financial, accounting, valuation, tax, legal, or other professional advice. All decisions to buy, sell, or trade any Digital Assets using the Services are made solely by You, and You are fully responsible for all such decisions.




Wellness Rewards and Gamification build on decentralised platform, Open API and SDK. Take a look into the future of wellness.

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Lyfe is a health and wellness rewards and gamification platform built on blockchain techology. Visit our website at

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