Google Lens — Giving More Power to your Phone Camera.

Putting larger focus on Artificial Intelligence within it’s different products, Google has come up with Google Lens. In a brief to clarify what lens is all about:

Your Smartphone camera just won’t see what you see, but will also understand what you see to help you take action.

In a bid to make Google Photos, Google Assistant and other Google products awesome and more interactive, Google has introduced Lens which is coming soon on Android powered devices first. Couple of years back, Google launched “word lens”, which allowed you to translate any foreign language sign using your smartphone screen by just holding camera in front of the text. Google also came up with Goggles, which let you fetch information about any landmark, painting or barcode product you look at.

Both these were individual apps/products, but Lens will be launched with most of the Google products.

Google Lens basically, allows you to take a picture and google figure out what it is through it’s amazing Artificial Intelligence algorithm.

You can take picture of an ice cream parlour. With Lens, google will not just give you the name of the parlour, but you will get whole lot of info such as open hours, user reviews, menu card details.

If you are an avid traveller, just take picture of a monument or landmark and Lens will tell you the historical facts and figures of that monument.

This is a great extension to Google’s visual search journey and is closely attached to AI powered, Google photos object and screen recognition. It has the potential to reach every Android powered phone and tablet running on Marshmallow and up versions.

There are rumors that Google got this idea, while working with Samsung on building Bixby. It allows you to scan wine, flowers and animals. Moreover you can identify products on Pinterest, Amazon using Bixby. Samsung struggled to make it famous as it lacks huge pile of data and rely on other partners.

So, Google lens transforms your phone camera from a passive tool that’s capturing the world around you to one that allows you to interact with what is there in the camera viewfinder.

One more improvement to Google algorithm will allow to clean and improve image quality. Any photo taken in dark or low light condition, it will be enhanced to make it less pixelated and blurry.

So be ready and share some ideas on how you are planning to use Google Lens.