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Welcome to the Lyft Developer Platform blog — your source for staying current with news and updates from our team related to Lyft’s APIs and SDKs. In addition, we’ll showcase developers & partners who’ve built fantastic experiences on our platform to illustrate what can be done when apps leverage the power of Lyft’s transportation network.

Since the launch of our developer platform in March 2016, we’ve seen many developers enhance the experiences of their users by providing them the ease of requesting a Lyft with a tap of the button.

Facebook Messenger + Lyft

As transportation is one of the most essential aspects of people’s lives, developers are finding ways to cleverly incorporate requesting a Lyft ride into their apps — whether they’re building messenger bots or public transit apps. By doing so, not only do they provide their users with a valuable transportation service, they also have the opportunity to earn revenue.

Getting Started

To start, head to our developer portal and click “Manage” to register your app. From there, our API documentation provides many different ways to start building the Lyft ride request into your app. Whether you decide to add a button into your app that deeplinks users directly to Lyft, or you want to build a deeper integration and provide the full ride request flow, we provide the documentation and support you need to be successful.


We’re here to help. If you can’t find something covered in our documentation, head over to our forums for both general and programming-specific questions related to our platform. Our team also monitors Stack Overflow. Just use the lyft-api tag.

Over the coming days and weeks, we’ll be releasing new products and adding better tutorials and guides to help inspire developers and make integrating with Lyft even easier. We’re also excited to start providing solutions that go beyond just requesting a ride. Stay tuned — we can’t wait to see what you’ll build!

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