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Earn Real Rewards with Lympo Referral Programs

Imagine getting paid for walking or running, that is, essentially, just for staying fit and healthy. Sounds crazy, right?

Lympo is a free app for everyone wishing to live a healthier and wealthier life. You can earn money just by walking or running, all you have to do is track your everyday activities with the app and then receive rewards that have real value just for doing that. After saving up a bit, you can get your hands on the latest tech and sports products through the in-app shop.

Better yet, we now offer great referral programs. If the above benefits don’t satisfy you, these referral programs certainly will. Lympo offers two types of referral programs. Through these, you can refer your friends, family, and all your social circles.

The Regular Referral Program

You automatically get a referral link once you start using the app. This is the regular referral link that every user gets. You can share this referral link with as many people as you like. Each time someone signs up by using your referral link, you will get 50 LYM tokens. These tokens are the in-app money that you can use to buy products, such as gift cards (including Amazon), tech gadgets or fitness gear, from the in-app shop. You can earn a crazy amount of LYM tokens just by sharing these links!

Lympo’s Influencer Program

This is the second type of referral program we offer. This program is pretty much the same as the regular referral program except the fact that it gives you real money in addition to LYM tokens.

Anyone who has been using Lympo’s regular referral program and successfully gets at least 30 people to sign up to Lympo using their referral link can apply to become an influencer.

Influencers get to enjoy the extra benefit of earning cold hard cash for each successful sign-up. They can also share their referral links just like with the regular program, but they will also receive 30 cents in addition to the standard 50 LYM tokens. The money would be transferred via PayPal.

Get the app and start earning in less than 5 minutes!

Tips on how to get people to use your referral link

Referrals are a great way to promote apps. This method spreads the word faster than anything else. The more people click on your referral link, the better. You’ll earn more tokens and eventually, you can use them to reward yourself. So, how do you make more people click your link? Here are some tips and practices that will help you engage people.

Comment on Blogs

Blogging is a huge trend these days. There are millions of blogs on the internet today. You can promote your referral links by commenting on these blogs. However, there are certain things that should be kept in mind.

Here are some tips for blog commenting:

1. You should evaluate how authoritative the blog is and how engaging the comment section is. Take good time researching the author. It will tell you if the blog owner allows links in the comment section or not.

2. Make yourself well aware of the audience that comments daily on the blogs. You should also know how many people read the comments.

3. The comment itself should be well-constructed. Understand the blog-post and the nature of the audience to truly make them understand your point. Otherwise, it will just be wasted. Your comment should be a positive one to attract more people.

4. Another useful tip is to comment as early as possible so that it remains on the top. Top comments get more attention and hence, more people will click your link.

Use Social Media

Social media is probably the most useful place when it comes to marketing strategies. Recent statistics reveal that 89% of marketers say that social media initiated more sales and exposure for their business.

Here are some tips for promoting your links on social media:

1. Facebook: Facebook is the most widely used social media platform and is an integral part of every marketing campaign. Share your link on your profile and join some health-related Facebook groups. Those are probably the best place to share your Lympo referral links.

2. Twitter: Twitter has a massive pool of users across the world. Follow health influencers on Twitter and share your referral link in relevant discussions. Make sure to this tactically, otherwise, your link will be marked as spam.

3. Instagram: Often overlooked, Instagram holds much more marketing power than you’d think. Follow the same strategy as Twitter for Instagram and make sure not to sound promotional or spammy.

4. Reddit: The primary users of Reddit are Americans and marketers use this platform to drive heaps of traffic to their sites. However, Reddit communities have a bit strict attitude towards promotional and affiliate links, so make sure to paste your links wisely.

Be Active on Forums

Forums are often overlooked platforms for marketing. However, they can prove to be very useful if used wisely. You can get people to use your referral link by getting active on relevant forums.

Keep in mind that it requires certain techniques. If you don’t follow the best practices to utilize forums, you will hardly get anyone to click your links.

Here’s our advice for posting your links on forums:

1. Get active on the forums in your niche. Ignore the ones with less or zero posts in the last few months.

2. Participate as much as you can on the forums without being too promotional. Talk about the things you have expertise in. Talk about the examples of actual people and how they changed their life by using the Lympo app. This is how people will get to notice you. They will know that you’re a real person with serious intentions. This will increase the chances of people clicking your link.

3. Always make sure to surround referral links with sufficient amount of relevant and informative text to avoid being marked as spam.

These are just some of the ways that will help you attract more people to your referral link. Remember to remain as active as you can while promoting the referral link.

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