Activity trackers: boost your fitness routine and challenge yourself

It is well known that inactivity can lead to many health and personal issues, including weight gain, illness, and even low productivity in daily life. Fitness trackers are one popular way to keep track of your progress in sports and health-related goals. Depending on the tracker, wearers can track steps, calories, distance traveled, caloric intake, and even heart rate or sleep.

These fitness devices come in a variety of types and are relatively easy for anyone to use. Although some are hesitant to join the fitness tracker craze, a closer look at these devices reveals a powerful potential to change a person’s lifestyle.

1. Motivation

Recent scientific research suggests that fitness tracking devices encourage a significant increase in fitness and physical activity for their wearers. Rather than feeling like a chore or drudgery, a fitness tracker allows your fitness routine to feel more like a game or a fun activity. Memory storage and progress trackers within the device easily reveal your progress and show growing endurance levels. These tools help you stay motivated about your progress even when the results don’t feel as obvious.

2. Accountability

It is easy to push aside your fitness routine or choose to forget about your health responsibilities. However, many fitness trackers come with personalized reminders and other accountability tools, designed to keep your health goals at the forefront of your attention. It is far more difficult to brush off your fitness schedule when you are consistently given firm reminders of its importance.

3. Tracking sleep

Activity trackers give you information on how much you sleep and the quality of your sleep. Developing a healthy sleep routine is often key to maximizing your fitness and productivity during the day. When you are tracking your sleep, you may also be able to pinpoint restless nights and what factors may have triggered them during the day, allowing you to make healthy adjustments to your daily routine.

4. Safety

Those with heart conditions and other serious medical issues should strongly consider using fitness tracking devices, not only for health improvements but also as a medical warning device. Many newer models come with safety tools such as sleep monitors, heart rate monitors, and blood pressure trackers. These wearables prevent alarming heart rates and other concerns from sneaking up and posing serious health risks.

5. Challenging yourself

The greater the challenge, the more potential it holds to improve your health. The easiest way to keep track of your progress is the tracking capabilities of your fitness device. These gadgets record and gauge physical activity and show your strengths and weaknesses.

By examining your records and progress level, you can easily understand how to take your fitness challenges to a new level and stay driven. By using your fitness tracker, you can quickly set manageable goals that prevent you from becoming overwhelmed or stagnant on the journey toward improved fitness levels.

6. Calories and nutrition

At the end of each workout, your tracker will show you how many calories you have burned based, for example, on your age, weight, gender, height and individual maximum heart rate. Seeing your daily calorie expenditure can help you stay on top of your nutrition goals — and, especially, your energy balance. You have probably outlined an average calorie consumption limit for the day, and your tracker will show you what you have burned.

7. Team spirit and competition

Getting healthy is far easier when working toward similar goals with like-minded friends and acquaintances. In addition to work-related competitions, some fitness trackers offer social interlinking and networking with other users who have similar goals. This means that wearers can easily connect to other friends and teammates to share their progress.

8. Lympo + activity tracking

We at Lympo encourage the use of activity trackers both as a means to track your health and fitness data and as a key, to enter the digital fitness economy. With the help of Lympo Run, these wearable devices will soon become much more valuable than today. Users will be able to:

· Earn LYM tokens for completing challenges while using wearable devices to log their progress;

· Submit their activity data to Lympo and receive personalized analytics and business offers;

· Get recommendations and advice about what to adjust in their sports activity or daily routine.

Although someone more skeptical may think that activity trackers are just a fad, we believe that they are here to stay. Health and fitness tracking technology is the wave of the future!

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