After successfully dominating the personal training market in Lithuania, Lympo’s coach platform keeps expanding into other countries

Did you know that Lympo already has a solid and successful personal trainer platform? As of today, it unites more than 600 fitness professionals in Lithuania and this number is growing every day.

So, what exactly is this platform about? It‘s easy: with Lympo you can find the best personal trainer near you. Instead of going to the gym and asking for a random trainer, Lympo platform helps people to connect with best rated trainers from various sports like yoga, fitness, running, weightlifting, swimming and so many others, and locations. All of this — from the comfort of your own home.

After picking out a trainer, you may set a meeting at your home, in your office or your favourite gym — whatever works best for you. And people love it. Lympo‘s personal trainer platform has successfully established in the Lithuanian market and is supported by various sports celebrities.

On you can not only find the best personal trainer, but also watch videos with the best trainers in the country, read their blogs, write your daily diary and get comments from the professional you are training with.

Starting in this autumn, the platform will expand to Latvia, Estonia and Romania and also launch in the US. The platform has a successful B2B business model, helping gyms solve their trainer management challenges.

So, what does it mean for the upcoming Lympo app?

Here comes the best part. In the near future, personal trainers registered on the Lympo platform will become a part of the Lympo app, encouraging their user base to join instantly.

Essentially, it means that thousands of engaged users, already familiar with Lympo, will be able to become app users, immediately after its launch. Furthermore, Lympo trainers will organise challenges on the Lympo app rewarding their clients with LYM tokens. This way, the Lympo app will be the #1 choice for health conscious people all around the globe.