Help make LYM available on Ethfinex exchange

On May 15th a vote will start to decide which top 4 tokens out of 10 will be the next to launch on Ethfinex. And LYM is among the contestants.

The vote will close on Tuesday, May 29th, and the top 4 tokens will then become tradable. We need your help to make LYM a winner! However, first you need to know this:

1) To be eligible to vote, you need to buy some NEC on Ethfinex and then transfer it to your private wallet (Metamask is recommended) before May 15th.

2) On the voting page you will be able to connect your wallet to Ethfinex and receive your Voting Tokens.

3) Ethfinex Voting Tokens will be issued to traders in proportion to their NEC holdings, so this means that you get to vote without spending your NEC.

4) You should also know that NEC is a volatile token just like any other crypto token.

Help us get LYM listed on Ethfinex by voting here! You can also find more information in their FAQ.

What is Ethfinex?

Ethfinex is building a hybrid trading and discussion platform for Ethereum tokens. They are planning to launch both centralized and decentralized versions of the platform with the option to trade on either, and we think it’s a solid idea!

Furthermore, the Ethfinex community is driven by a democratic decision-making process through Nectar (NEC) tokens which are issued proportionally, based on trading volume. This means that community members (NEC holders) get to decide the future of the platform.