IMPORTANT: Adjusted Lympo token sale terms and conditions

Dear Lympo community,

This is an important notice to inform you about the adjustment of the LYM token sale prices and terms.

When we started working on the vision of Lympo, it was always clear to us that our goal is to build an ecosystem powered by user-generated user-controlled fitness and health data where healthy lifestyle is rewarded with LYM tokens.

Most of our team has been working together for more than a year now and has brought to life a platform to find the best fitness trainer with 500+ professionals. We have extended our team (particularly on the technical front) and have done careful calculations on how long it will take us to enable token rewards and how much budget our project will cost.

Since then the Ethereum price has skyrocketed. We want to be fair to our supporters and therefore decided to adjust the prices for the token sale.

Our goal is not to collect as much contributions as possible, but to deliver the product we promised on time.

This might sound crazy in the crypto world, but yes, we have halved the amount of ETH we aim to raise. This is a great opportunity for all those of you who are planning to be early contributors of Lympo. At the same time, we have slightly increased the pre-sale portion of the token sale and decided to give a better chance to our early supporters to get LYM tokens at the 20% bonus rate.

Finally, we have also adapted the date of the public token sale to February 17. This way we want to make sure that the lock-up period for our investors is not too long. We cannot disclose any details but we are already the process of making a deal with a first exchange, which means that we will likely allow trading much earlier than initially planned. This will enable us to focus 100% on the product development once the token sale is over, and also help deliver lots of good news to our contributors.

The new token sale terms are as follows:

Total token supply: LYM

Total hard cap: 14 625 ETH = 650 million LYM

Soft cap : 15%

Pre-sale: 265 million LYM = 5 000 ETH

20% bonus for 90 million LYM. 1 ETH = 60 000 LYM

The rest 175 million LYM 1 ETH = 50 000 LYM

There is not minimum contribution amount.

The max threshold is 250 ETH.

Pre-sale date: January 23 — February 3 (or as long as supply lasts)

Total sale: 385 million LYM = 9 625 ETH

1 ETH = 40 000 LYM

Sale date: February 17 — February 28 (or as long as supply lasts)

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Ada Jonuse

CEO of



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