LYM listed on ETHLend — the Ethereum-based decentralized lending platform

We are happy to announce that the LYM token has won the ETHLend token listing vote and is now available to be used as collateral for lending digital assets.

What is ETHLend?

ETHLend is a brilliant project, offering its users the opportunity to unlock the liquidity of their digital assets by using them as collateral for lending other cryptocurrencies or tokens. The project provides a convenient platform and allows lending through a decentralized app (dapp), with the help of Ethereum Smart Contracts. This means that ETHLend holds no assets on its own and does not control the lending.

We invite you to watch a video on the news featuring Lympo CEO Ada Jonuse and ETHLend business developer Anastasija Plotnikova.

You can find more info about ETHLend platform on their official blog.