Lympo advisor Viktoras Vatinas: Lympo is ‘innovation at its finest’

Viktoras Vatinas, a portfolio manager for a private markets asset company Partners Group based in Zug, Switzerland is an advisor to Lympo, which he says is the “first of its kind with the scale and potential to change how we do sports.”

Lympo is proud to have a strong and dedicated team working towards the goal of revolutionising the health and wellness space. The success of the token sale project also depends on its advisors. Mr. Viktoras Vatinas, is a Certified Financial Analyst and a portfolio manager managing private debt funds working at a successful private markets asset manager based in Zug, Switzerland, Partners Group. Formerly an investment analyst at XL Catlin, a currency quant at private bank Lombard Odier and a research assistant at the Swiss Finance Institute, here’s what Mr. Vatinas had to say about Lympo.

Mr. Vatinas, can you tell us more about what you do right now and about your background?

Well, I work as a private debt portfolio manager for Partners Group, which is a private markets asset manager based in Zug, Switzerland. My responsibilities include allocating investment opportunities in private mid-market companies to the most suitable funds, reinvesting cash distributions, tracking investment levels, creating investment strategies for new clients, as well as participating in client update and due diligence meetings.

Before I joined Partners Group, I have held positions as Investment/quant analyst within asset management domain at insurance and private banking companies, with more than 7 years of professional experience.

Privately I am interested in developing my own investment strategies and investing in start-ups and projects that have potential to innovate and revolutionize the current business landscape.

I received my master’s degree in Financial Engineering from Swiss Polytechnic University of Lausanne (EPFL) and I completed my Bachelors of Computer Physics at Vilnius University.

So, you must have probably heard about blockchain technology during your studies. What spurred your interest?

You’re right. I have always been interested in technology and new inventions since my time in university. I remember that when I first understood blockchains, I felt that it would be an innovation that had potential to revolutionize how we store data and execute transactions. And I’m interested in it because I felt that I can contribute towards the growth and expansion of this technology. I am interested to learn and support any way in which blockchain innovations can improve our day to day lives.

And your interest to contribute brought you to Lympo. But why exactly did you agree to become Lympo’s adviser? What is it about this company that thrills you the most?

It’s a very interesting reason actually. I was always into sports and my aim is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. And being a bit of technology geek, I have tried to track my progress through various sports tracking apps, websites and gadgets whenever possible. In that sense, I know all too well the problem that Lympo is trying to solve for fitness enthusiasts, and I strongly believe that it can make tracking of our fitness progress much easier.

At the same time, adding elements of gamification and gratification which makes the experience much more rewarding is what I term as innovation at its finest.

This summer Ada whom I knew from before through common friends was telling me about her vision for Lympo and I immediately got very interested and we had a long discussion about blockchain. Later, when she asked me to join as an advisor I did not think twice.

What are your thoughts about the Lympo project and the team?

I believe Lympo to be the first of its kind fitness wallet with the scale and potential to change how we do sports on a day to day basis. The project team is global and diverse with strong and relevant experience. They are all very motivated and I am very excited to work with these talented individuals and help build an ecosystem that deliver exactly what it promises. This project has a potential to become a number one sports app in my opinion.

What do you think the Lympo team needs to make it a success and how can you advise them to achieve it?

I think what is crucial here is the user experience aspect. I believe that the success of Lympo relies heavily on a day-to-day use and interaction of its members. Therefore, after the infrastructure is laid out, myself and the team will focus on improving the user experience and interconnectedness, which in the end will help reveal the true value of the Lympo marketplace.

I also believe that my experience in the financial sector and investment and asset management experience will be beneficial for Lympo in the post-token sale phase. It is a big responsibility for a team to sustainably manage the funds raised for the project and I will be happy to give my best advice to Ada and the whole Lympo team.



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