Lympo and Gympro are collaborating to nurture healthier lifestyles

Jan 5, 2018 · 3 min read

Gympro has partnered with Lympo to enrich user experience on the Lympo platform

One of the core aspects of Lympo’s platform is its user reward mechanism. On our platform, users can create profiles, fill in their personal information such as age and gender and connect it to their favourite sports and health tracking apps. This precious data is accessible only to the users themselves. However, if they wish to, it can be monetised by sharing the data with relevant stakeholders such as health insurers, gyms, employers and many others. All that the user has to do is store a permission on blockchain.

Be it a reward for achieving a healthy lifestyle objective or for group challenges to enhance team building, the platform inspires motivation among the users to achieve targeted goals and be rewarded suitably for it. The rewards are offered in terms of LYM tokens that can now be used to buy online and offline training sessions with the best fitness trainers, including training or any sports coach sessions, or consultations by a physical therapist or a dietician.

And not just that. We predict that the ecosystem will have a cascading effect and result in exclusive offers being made to our users. In order to be more competitive, trainers will propose lucrative program packages with built-in rewards. Other ecosystem and marketplace stakeholders will soon follow suit. We also expect various challenges and tasks to be organised for Lympo users in exchange for their vital data. Our goal of ensuring that our users are the kings of their data will soon be a reality.

One of our first steps in this direction, hence, is to partner with Gympro, a New Zealand based fitness app that makes the life of a trainer extremely simple. By syncing with Lympo, Gympro will offer all of Lympo’s users the tools that allow trainers to track and record progress of those exercising under their guidance. Hence, if any of our users have trainers who would like to keep tab of fitness progress and goals achieved, they will now have Gympro working alongside and offering various digital instruments to track and assess accomplishments.

This is particularly interesting in light of the fact that Lympo’s currently operational platform has 500+ fitness professionals, sports trainers, therapists and dieticians that users can choose from using LYM tokens. In essence, as a user of Lympo, you will have both a qualified trainer as well as tools that can be used by this trainer to make you healthier and fitter.

As more partners get on board, our tokens will be used to access a wide range of healthy lifestyle products and services such as sports clothes and shoes, healthy food and gyms with the effortless use of smart contracts. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. At Lympo, we take our goal of sustaining healthier lifestyles very seriously, and as you might have noticed we deliver on that goal as well!


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Lympo is making the world healthier by rewarding people for exercising and leading healthier lives.

Lympo Business Blog

Lympo's mission is to make the world healthier by incentivizing people to exercise and be active. We reward our app users for finishing various fitness related challenges with LYM utility tokens, which can be exchanged for sports and wellness products, provided by our partners.

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