Lympo — combining science and technology to transform the healthy lifestyle industry

Our growing community and supporters are committed to the vision of Lympo to motivate people to exercise and be healthy. The first step towards this vision is the Lympo app which we are currently building and will test the beta version this September. But what’s next? In this article, we further explain our approach to make sure that Lympo becomes the №1 company in the world for anyone seeking to become healthier and happier.

Harvesting the untapped potential of user-generated fitness and health data

First of all, starting with the Lympo app we create an attractive rewards system that encourages users to participate in various healthy lifestyle challenges offered by Lympo partners. These partners include gyms, personal trainers, sports events, businesses and employees. By gamifying these healthy activities and rewarding users for their participation using the tracking apps and wearables, it creates an environment for data sharing.

More than 52% of smartphone users use at least one healthy lifestyle app on their phone and smart watches and other wearable devices are also being adopted at an incredible pace worldwide. Unfortunately, the valuable data these users produce is scattered across the digital realm. Thus, it remains barely a tool to measure one’s own progress or to share it on social media. But we think the data could be put to much better use!

With the spread of the Internet of Things (IoT), the scope and quantity of useful user-generated data will continue to increase in the future. Here, Lympo sees an opportunity to offer a user-oriented product, which changes the way we interact with our healthy lifestyle data, by giving it a real, tangible value.

Blockchain: a newcomer in the fitness and healthy lifestyle world

Blockchain which is, for the absolute majority of entrepreneurs, a new technology, is capable of creating trust in a decentralised ledger system. While it is still in its infancy technology-wise, the blockchain revolution is already changing how we think about the possibility to transfer any asset in a secure and frictionless way. Lympo is focussed on an incredible asset hundreds of millions of users produce every day — our fitness and health data.

In the first product stage, due to the legal and business viability challenges, Lympo will use an Ethereum-based (ERC-20) token LYM, to distribute rewards and gamify healthy lifestyle challenges. In the future, our team plans to either develop its own permissionless system or to use an existing protocol with more capabilities to work with large quantities of data and we have started extensive research and consultations with possible partners already. Allow the storage of the user-generated data will extend its use to potential partners, who have a very strong focus on data authenticity, such as research institutions and health practitioners.

Artificial intelligence as the key future enabler

In the first phase of Lympo development, one of the key priorities of our team is to prevent cheating and to make sure that the data gathered by our users is accurate. We will start with implementing our own machine learning tools and by expanding the network of business partners to those with strong AI capabilities and we have already entered negotiations with two world leading companies in AI, in the U.S. and Hong Kong.

In the second phase, once a substantial number of people become Lympo users, we will deploy artificial intelligence/machine learning to analyse large quantities of data to provide individually tailored healthy lifestyle advice in cooperation with research institutions, health practitioners and data driven health businesses like genomic data companies.

Just as an example on how this will work: imagine, you go on your usual morning run. However, today your heart rate, running speed and rhythm shows a deviation from your daily average results. Furthermore, the sleep rhythm information you provided over the last three days, shows a severe lack of sleep and your fitness trainer has indicated that your last session two days ago was unusually tough for you. This prompts an app notification suggesting you to increase the hours you sleep, reduce some sports activities and maybe also consult your physician, it sends you the articles about the possible causes of your exhaustion and keeps on reminding you to discontinue your current routine.

Maybe you have given the access to your Lympo profile to your physician in advance. Even better so: he or she will call you to check if you are doing well and if any help is needed. This methodology is not only a tool to increase your wellbeing. It can prevent serious health hazards like heart attacks and create a huge value for every one of us.

Partnerships with research institutions

To make the best use of this potential Lympo aims to capitalize on the cutting edge scientific insights and proven technology breakthroughs. Currently, Lympo is in the process of becoming a member of a European Union research cluster — the iVita Wellness Cluster — alongside a number of wellness tech businesses, in order to boost our scientific capabilities.

Furthermore, we started talks with the robotics and AI experts at the Kaunas Technology University who are working on the preventive health data from smart devices processing to predict user wellbeing. Such cooperation would help Lympo to design, test and implement the best health data use scenarios for everyone, with a goal to improve people’s health and to prevent health damaging effects.

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