Lympo could be a massive marketplace on the global scale and here’s how that’s true…

Jan 10, 2018 · 4 min read

Sonic Zhang, world-famous entrepreneur and investor is now on board with Lympo to create what he calls “Uber for the healthy lifestyle space”

Lympo is on its way to revolutionise the health and fitness ecosystem by creating a formidable entity that can connect the major players in the data-driven sports, health and wellness industry and turn it into an asset for both the users and organisations involved.

The latest news from Lympo is that Mr. Sonic Zhang, the co-founder of 20 Nations League of Blockchain (B20), ValueBank Group, and ValueNet Capital has now joined the band of inspirational and noteworthy advisors of Lympo. Here’s what mr. Zhang had to say.

Mr. Zhang, can you please give us a brief summary of your prolific work and can you tell us a bit about what you do?

With pleasure! Briefly put, I’m an entrepreneur and investor. I completed my MPM and BE in Mechatronics from University of Sydney.

Some of the highlights of my career would include Co-founding and currently working as the Global Director of 20 Nations League of Blockchain (B20), an international NGO focused on bridging blockchain and crypto-currency communities worldwide. I also co-founded ValueBank Group, a global network of fiat-crypto exchanges, with a crypto wallet and payment solution as well as ValueNet Capital which is a VC Fund for tech and entertainment industries. And I was also the founder of ValueNet Capital which invests in blockchain startup and cryptos. Another firm that I founded is SoRelax, a global platform for cross border marketing and services.

That’s amazing! From your profile its evident that you’re extremely interested in blockchain. What spurred your interest?

Well, to be honest I was made aware of the concept of bitcoin back in 2010, while studying Mechatronics Engineering at university. Some of my colleagues had begun mining for the very first bitcoins, although I stayed away. Its reputation of being deeply linked with the dark web forced me to keep my distance from it.

Then, as time passed, by 2017 I had co-founded a VC fund. This is when I started listening to friends from the investment circle talking about investing in blockchain startups. This brought back memories from my university days. A thought struck my instantly when once I connected all the dots. With a bit of research to back my thought, it became evidently clear that blockchain is the basis for next giant wave of disruptive innovation not only in technology, but social and governmental structures.

What was the unique proposition about Lympo that captivated you to become their advisor?

When I looked up Lympo, I realised that they had a very robust plan for an ecosystem that could be vital in the healthy lifestyle ecosystem and they had a very qualified global team working on it. I was waiting for an opportunity to have an ICO for SoRelax, but fate had other plans for me. It seems like the investment business is much suited for me and is equally as exciting as running your own company!

I also realised that not only were they doing a great job, but I too could be involved in a more deep-rooted manner by passing on my experience and resources which I was able to gather while working on SoRelax. Maybe even the SoRelax platform itself could be linked with Lympo’s ecosystem if all goes well. My time at Lympo will hopefully help them get a significant boost at the start of their venture.

That’s fantastic! What are your thoughts about the future of Lympo and its team?

I think that Lympo could become a massive marketplace on the global scale. I like to say this often because I think it’s an apt explanation: Lympo could become the Uber for a healthy lifestyle. And with the tokenized economy solving every obstacle of international remittance and incentivisation, it will reach higher than SoRelax ever did, and I believe the team’s ability to make that happen!

What will be your particular areas of interest at Lympo and how would you guide them to turn the ecosystem into a resounding success?

Everything that I have learnt from my own ventures about ICOs, platform-building, blockchain and token economies will be crucial in creating a successful ecosystem. I am open to offering any sort of advice that the team needs from me, right from how to manage the ecosystem to what sort of talent to hire. I’m in it for the long run and I want to see Lympo create and thrive in this revolution.

Mr. Zhang is now an integral part of the Lympo team. It’s high time that you hopped on as well and be a part of this wonderful revolution which aims to create a society with a healthy lifestyle.


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Lympo is making the world healthier by rewarding people for exercising and leading healthier lives.

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Lympo's mission is to make the world healthier by incentivizing people to exercise and be active. We reward our app users for finishing various fitness related challenges with LYM utility tokens, which can be exchanged for sports and wellness products, provided by our partners.

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