Lympo is announcing an infographic contest!

Dear Lympo community, we are excited to be announcing our first contest. We know you are a creative bunch so this is a great opportunity for you to show your skills. The idea is simple: infographics are a lot of fun. So we are seeking the most creative, interesting and informative infographics about Lympo — the general concept, the features and the strengths of what we have to offer to the world.

We suggest these topics, however, you can definitely improvise:

  • Lympo explained
  • Illustrating Lympo use cases
  • Sports market revenue growth and LYM token value prediction
  • Reasons why (or how) Lympo will change the world
  • Anything else that fits the spirit of Lympo

Criteria for entry:

  • Information must be legitimate
  • Creativity (don’t forget to use your imagination!)

Judging criteria:

  • Accurate and appealing information
  • Creativeness
  • Attractive design

How will the winners be selected?

The Lympo team will choose 8 finalists in accordance with the judging criteria and the Lympo community will vote on the final ranking.

Deadline for submissions: 3rd May 2018 (12 noon UTC+3)

How to submit:

We allow more than one submission per participant. You may submit your entries to Twitter, Bitcointalk or Facebook (make sure that your post is public). In order for us to find your submission, use hashtags #Lympotition and #LYM and don’t forget to tag Lympo ( Additional hashtags may also be used. 
You must also join the Lympo Telegram channel and verify your participation using this form.

And now the fun part. Prizes!

  • 1st place: 250,000 LYMs + a round trip to the Blockchain Centre Vilnius in Lithuania, paid by us
  • 2nd place: 80,000 LYMs
  • 3rd place: 40,000 LYMs
  • 4th-8th place: 10,000 LYMs each

You can use our design files: logo, colours, font.

If you have any additional questions, please ask in the comment section below.

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