Lympo making waves in South Korea: interview with Asian business manager Sungmin Kim

South Korea is one of the main markets for Lympo. In recent weeks, Lympo gained significant attention in the country’s business and crypto communities, largely thanks to the efforts of Sungmin Kim — an entrepreneur, business professor, and Lympo‘s Asian business manager. In this article we present a short interview with Sungmin, discussing the recent developments.

How is Lympo doing in South Korea?

I am delighted that these days Lympo sees a lot of news coverage in Korea. These are prominent media outlets, so more and more investors are showing interest in what the company is doing. Recently, Lympo was featured on Naver — the #1 search engine and news portal in Korea. Naver is the most popular website in Korea, beating even Google, so that’s really great exposure.

Recently Korea Blockchain Week was held in Seoul, could you tell us more about that?

Korea Blockchain Week is the best-known blockchain conference in Asia. Last week it was held in Seoul, with blockchain leaders and enthusiasts attending from all over the globe. On July 19, during the KBW official meetup, 15 inspiring blockchain projects were presented to an audience of journalists, entrepreneurs, and investors.

I had the honor to present Lympo — it’s core concept, the LYM token, and partnerships. The response was overwhelming — multiple members of the audience approached me after the presentation — both business and media people — to find out more about the project. It took me a while to satisfy their curiosity and, finally, after the event, more than 10 articles on Lympo came out in Korean media.

What did the audience find the most interesting about Lympo?

Since I received lots of different questions, it’s rather hard to single out one thing. Generally, people were interested to learn more about LYM token use cases and a lot of them were impressed by Lympo‘s partnership with the Dallas Mavericks and the concept of buying sports game tickets with crypto tokens, earned through working out. All round, it was thrilling to see such interest and enthusiasm.

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