The LYM token — an excellent opportunity for runners

“Long distance running is 90 percent mental, and the other half is physical.” — Rich Davis (runner).

We have only started to introduce you a wide range of opportunities to benefit from using the LYM token. You may find the previous articles here. One of our primary goals is to expand Lympo’s community by encouraging sports enthusiasts to join the Lympo ecosystem. A significant part of this community is runners, so here are some great LYM token use cases, which can help motivate to run miles more.

1) LYM tokens could be a great motivational tool as they could be given for every mile ran.

As is well known, running requires a lot of stamina and, most importantly, self-motivation. Even experienced runners have moments when they are unwilling to run. Getting rewarded for your efforts will increase self-motivation and could also encourage amateur runners to step the first steps towards a healthier life and start enjoying running.

2) Gaining LYM can not only motivate, it can also help achieve athletic goals.

Every athlete always seeks to improve himself, so it could be easier for them to set a goal and get LYM tokens as a reward after reaching it. In this way, LYM could help track personal improvement and challenge oneself even more.

3) Use LYM to purchase sports equipment and clothes online.

Imagine the possibility to renew your old footwear using only tokens, which you have earned by running those long distances or by completing other fitness-related challenges. Buying new sneakers with the tokens you’ve earned for all your hard work while exercising? With Lympo, this will become a reality.

4) Pay marathon participation fees with LYM

Marathon or other sports events participation fees can get quite expensive these days. But it may not be a problem anymore, as participation fees could be paid partially or fully with LYM. This is not a distant dream as Lympo is currently working to get as many marathons as possible on board with this idea and in Lithuania, the participants of the Vilnius Marathon will be the first to try the Lympo app in September.

5) Get personalized advice

Less experienced runners will have the option to get advice with the help of LYM. In the future, Lympo will offer a possibility to purchase online and offline training sessions with the best running trainers, including training or any sports coach sessions, consultations with a physical therapist or a dietician. It is never too late to start living a healthier life, and with a little help from the best experts, it could be as effortless and enjoyable as possible.

These are just a few potential use cases of the LYM token. There is an enormous amount of possibilities, so be sure to follow us on Twitter to learn more!