The LYM token is listed on Kucoin, one of the top crypto exchanges

We are working hard at extending the list of exchanges where LYM is available to trade and now we have a new partner — Kucoin! LYM will go live on Kucoin today, at 16:00 GMT+1 (22:00 HK time).

Kucoin was founded by a group of blockchain enthusiasts based in Honk Kong and it aims at providing its users safer and more convenient digital asset transaction and exchange services, integrating premium assets worldwide, and building a state of the art transaction platform.

The Kucoin team has officially entered the blockchain asset trading service platform in 2017 and since its launch Kucoin is dedicated to continuous growth and improvement.

Kucoin does not charge a deposit fee. The trading fee is relatively low at 0.1% and it also sports really low withdrawal fees which are fixed and depend on the currency being withdrawn (you may find more about its fees here).

We are definitely excited to be adding Kucoin to our exchange family as it further solidifies LYMs standing and makes it available to even more traders worldwide. See you on Kucoin!

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