What Can You Do with LYM Tokens? Quite a lot apparently…

The reasons to start using LYM tokens are limitless…

Lympo’s LYM tokens are offering three substantial benefits to users and here’s everything you need to know about it

If you’re wondering what is the real potential of the blockchain technology that everyone is talking about, look no further than Lympo. It is an ecosystem of all stakeholders that can unite the healthcare, sports and wellness industries together to effectively make use of user-generated data to offer tailor-made products and services and incentivise a healthy lifestyle. In addition to that the data collected can also be monetised to generate value.

Here are your three reasons why you can use LYM tokens to develop a healthy lifestyle:

  1. It’s the reward that’s waiting for you at the end of the tunnel.

Sports enthusiasts, athletes and fitness freaks use numerous devices, apps and wearables to collect data about their activities, to keep track of their progress and to set targets for the future. What’s not so great about this current system is that this provider is aggregating the data of all users to be later used by other utility providers, marketers or businesses, all behind the veil of anonymity. This is a serious problem of lack of transparency in data usage.

Enter Lympo, with a solution! What Lympo does for you is pretty similar to what the provider does for themselves. You get aggregated data of all your valuable records from various sources which are now totally in your control. In fact, Lympo goes a step further to reward users for achieving personal targets or promotional goals given by various organisations through LYM tokens. The tokens can be used for lots of varied health and wellness needs.

2. Tokens can be used like a currency for the purchase of healthy lifestyle goods and services.

While LYM tokens can be particularly handy in motivating you to be healthy and maintain a good lifestyle, it does have a larger outreach. Lympo’s ecosystem doesn’t just stop at users and their immediate surroundings. Companies that want to use your data, if you authorise it, can customise products and services for you. They could, with your approval, offer you the exact products that you both need and deserve.

What’s also great is that Lympo’s working MVP ecosystem currently has numerous personal trainers who can be found Lympo’s website. More partners such as gyms and training grounds will be added to the ecosystem soon.

3. Tokens can turn you into an angel investor too!

This is best explained by looking at Lympo’s structure. Their investment branch sieves through thousands of startups and firms to find the right ones that are approved, appraised and ranked by the members of Lympo’s ecosystem. After all, they are the best in the industry. That gives the users the unique opportunity of investing in, say, a new gym that’s opened up and focusses heavily on cardio training.

If it is approved by Lympo, you can then crowdfund them and who knows, you could have helped fund a billion-dollar startup!

Hence, the reasons to start using LYM tokens are limitless. And to make life easier for you, Lympo is offering LYM tokens for a very special occasion. That’s a cue for you so make sure that you don’t miss the PRE-SALE or ICO of Lympo when lots of LYM tokens will be offered!

Token sale

1,000,000,000 tokens

15% pre-sale

50% token sale

Soft cap: 15%

Pre-sale, starting January 23

The pre-sale starts on January 23 at 12:00 London time GMT+1 and ends on February 3 23:59 London time (GMT+1) or when the hard cap is reached.

150,000,000 LYM

20% bonus for the first 30 million LYM

10% bonus for the next 20 million LYM

The rest: 1 ETH ~ 30,000 LYM

No minimum threshold

Max threshold during the pre-sale ~ 10,000,000 LYM, i.e. 286 ETH

Unsold tokens will be burned

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