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A sneak peek at the upcoming Lympo events

Dear Lympo community, fans, followers, and newcomers,

Today is an important day when we are announcing Lympo Vol. 2! This article explains in detail what this means for NFT and sports fans, LYM and LYMUS token holders, and anyone interested in the new era of Lympo.

Opportunity: gaming and blockchain

Gaming is a top entertainment industry bigger than music and film industries combined and totaling $152.1 bn global revenue in 2019. While millennials are found to spend $112 monthly on gaming, 43% of Gen Z play online games daily. During the pandemic, video game traffic increased by a hefty 75% and is poised to grow. Blockchain-based games and digital collectibles are a booming new trend in this industry putting true digital ownership in the hands of 2.6 billion gamers worldwide, allowing trading of gaming assets and the much-needed interoperability. 2020 has seen a 30% increase of crypto players and a significant boom in the NFT ecosystem ranging from the major art auction houses entering the scene to a recent record price of 605 ETH, equal to $762.000, paid for a rare digital collectible CryptoPunk. Lympo is excited to join forces with Animoca Brands to enter this space.

Upcoming lightpaper: sneak preview

In the upcoming weeks, we will release the lightpaper on the future of Lympo. While you will be able to find all details in this document, we would like to share the most important key points with you.

A short summary: Animoca Brands, a global leader in branded blockchain gaming and the company behind the SAND and REVV tokens, recently announced to acquire Lympo. Animoca Brands utilizes popular IP to develop and publish games and NFTs.

Building on Lympo’s experience and focus on sports and a healthy lifestyle, we have decided to launch a new token, LMT, and an ecosystem built around it, which will develop in two stages:

· Digital collectibles stage: during this stage, various NFTs of world-famous athletes, clubs, influencers, and enthusiasts will be issued according to a set plan defining the supply of various levels of NFTs ranging from more common to extra rare cards.

· Content and media development stage: during this stage, the owners of NFTs will be able to participate in various play-to-earn activities and use their athletes, clubs, and other types of cards to build and upgrade their own sports hero character, participate in competitions, purchase and own virtual assets, join teams and participate in similar activities.

Lympo NFTs: variety, distribution, and staking pools

In the first stage, the digital collectibles stage, the holders of a new token, LMT (Lympo Market Token), will be able to stake their tokens in three different pools to get Lympo NFTs:

1. A public pool that will allow LMT token holders to mint Lympo NFTs of real-life world-famous athletes, teams, influencers, and enthusiasts. We will announce the first names in the upcoming weeks, and we promise you: you will like it!

2. A public pool that will allow LMT token holders to mint Lympo NFTs of sports heroes: custom made characters (that will later be used as media or in-game assets) by various artists.

3. An exclusive private pool for special Lympo fans: people who will be among the first ones to get the new LMT tokens, i.e., participate in the first LYM/LMT token offering event during which the holders of LYM tokens will be able to get LMTs at a special rate. In this private pool, exclusive one-of-a-kind NFTs with additional power will be minted.

All NFTs will be used in various Lympo and Animoca Brands play-to-earn games and activities in the near future.

New token: introducing LMT

LMT is an ERC-20 utility token that is designed to be the currency of purchase, utility, and attribution of sports-themed digital collectibles (non-fungible tokens, NFTs) in and outside of various games. The total supply of LMT has been fixed at 1,250,000,000 tokens.

While the new token, LMT, allows players to mint and purchase Lympo NFTs, which will be used in blockchain games, the existing LYM token is the currency of the Lympo digital collectibles’ ecosystem, which enables access to LMT utility tokens. LYM token is an existing token available on multiple exchanges, including Bitfinex, Huobi Global,, KuCoin, and GOPAX.

The holders of LYMUS tokens, Lympo community tokens, will be able to exchange their LYMUS tokens to LMT tokens at a pre-defined rate. All the current LYMUS holders will also be rewarded with special NFTs as well as be added to the exclusive NFT minting pool for a lifetime.

LMT token offering

LMT tokens will be available for LYM token holders in two stages in the upcoming weeks.

LYM token holders will be able to access LMT token offering via a special offering website. Participants will be able to claim 50% of exchanged tokens immediately and soon start staking them to receive Lympo NFTs. The rest 50% of the exchanged LMT tokens will be ready to be claimed over a 10 weeks period in equal parts.

All the participants who will join the LMT token offering will automatically be added to the exclusive NFT pool for a lifetime.

Our team is excited about the upcoming news related to the new era of Lympo and is working hard to make 2021 Lympo’s year.

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