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Alexandra Trusova GOAT NFT Auction is Now Live

Alexandra Trusova is a figure skater known for her quadruple jumps that are extremely difficult to pull off. She’s one of the youngest faces in figure skating, being only 17 years old. However, That doesn’t stop her from competing in the Olympics and holding several records. One of the most impressive records being a technical score of 92.35 points — the highest score ever recorded in both senior and junior category for women’s figure skating. We’ve made it our mission to immortalize her achievements.

That’s why we made a one-of-a-kind digital collectible for Alexandra that’s on auction from September 5th, 5 PM GMT+3 to September 8th, 5 PM GMT+3. The owner of this digital collectible can unlock some extra real-life perks like a pair of her championship skates and the opportunity to see & meet Alexandra during her training sessions. Here’s everything you need to know about the auction.

Greatest of All Time — Alexandra Trusova Lympo NFT

The Alexandra “Sasha” Trusova digital collectible is officially licenced and backed by IP (Intellectual Property) rights, meaning Lympo holds the IP rights to produce and distribute the NFTs, making them exceptional from a collectibles point of view.

It’s part of the Greatest Of All Time (GOAT) series. Meaning, there’s only one card per athlete in existence. Winning this NFT also allows the owner to unlock some real-life perks.

What is an NFT (Non-Fungible Token)?

NFTs are cryptographic tokens we can use to represent ownership of unique items. NFTs function as a way to verify proof of authenticity and purchase within the blockchain network. NFTs can only have one official owner at a time, and no one can modify your record of ownership or copy/paste a new NFT into existence. This allows NFTs to preserve their value and introduce scarcity to the digital world.

What Will I Get Upon Winning The Auction?

If you win the auction, you’ll receive the ultra-rare GOAT series Alexandra Trusova NFT. After the auction, you’ll be the only person in the world to own it. There are no other copies of this NFT in existence. Additionally, you’ll receive all Real-Life Perks of the reward tier that you’ve unlocked.

You can further utilize the Alexandra Trusova NFT in the Lympo NFT ecosystem, store it in your collection or resell it to another fan later.

What Are The Real-Life Perks of Owning This NFT?

There are four unlockable reward tiers for the Alexandra “Sasha” Trusova GOAT NFT. To unlock a reward tier, you must win the auction by going over a specific price threshold.

  • Reward Tier 1 unlocks if you win the auction with a bid in the $5000 and $15,000 range.
  • Reward Tier 2 unlocks if you win the auction with a bid in the $15,000 and $50,000 range.
  • Reward Tier 3 unlocks if you win the auction with a bid in the $50,000 and $100,000 range.
  • Reward Tier 4 unlocks if you win the auction with a bid of over $100,000.

Keep in mind that by unlocking a higher tier, you also unlock ALL of the rewards in the lower tiers.

Real-life Perk Tier 1: Display your dedication with custom-designed and signed Lympo merch and celebrate your victory together with Alexandra by receiving a personalized shoutout to her followers.

Real-life Perk Tier 2: Ever wondered what kind of gifts Olympic medalists receive? Well, find out for yourself by receiving trinkets from Alexandras’ championship gift bags & discuss everything in detail over a call with Alexandra. Additionally, represent Alexandra with a custom signed T-shirt.

Real-life Perk Tier 3: Want to make your collection truly impressive? Add a pair of Alexandra’s championship skates to it! Additionally, make your birthday celebrations memorable by receiving a personalized shoutout from Alexandra each year.

Real-life Perk Tier 4: Get to meet the Olympic champion in person! You’ll be able to attend Alexandra’s training sessions and spend time with Alexandra afterwards.

How to Participate in The Auction?

The auction will take place on the OpenSea NFT Marketplace. It’s an open market that allows artists, sports fans, crypto enthusiasts & collectors to trade rare digital items & collectibles.

See the video on how to participate in Lympo Auctions on the OpenSea NFT marketplace.

How & When Will I Receive My Real Life Rewards?

Winners will be able to verify themselves using their crypto wallets & contact us with personal information. We’ll make sure to send out all merch & memorabilia as soon as possible. And, if your reward tier includes a live event like a Meet & Greet, we’ll contact you with all of the necessary information to make it happen.

What is the Lympo NFT Ecosystem?

We’re creating a platform where you can get more out of your digital collectibles.

Once you have an NFT in your collection, Lympo allows you to stake that NFT and receive star tokens of a specific athlete, LMT (Lympo Market Tokens) or various partner tokens.

The amount of tokens you get from staking depends on how rare of an NFT you stake. The Greatest Of All Time series NFTs, being the rarest — give the greatest number of tokens.

These tokens will allow their holders to participate in lotteries, questionnaires and polls to win prizes: ranging from signed memorabilia to exclusive experiences like meeting the star in person, training together and other high-end opportunities. NFTs will also have utility in the upcoming Blockchain games by Animoca Brands.

Where Can I Find My NFT After The Auction Ends?

If you win the NFT during the auction at OpeanSea, the NFT will be displayed on your Lympo & OpenSea collections. Visit and check your “Collection” tab to see your digital collectible & share it with others. If you win the NFT during the auction on Binance NFT Marketplace, it will appear in your Binance collection.



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