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Jean-Baptiste Alaize will join LYMPO athlete pool

Lympo is excited to announce that Jean-Baptiste Alaize will be joining our athlete pool! The French Paralympic athlete will have his own collection of NFTs.

Lympo prides itself on partnering with unique and heroic athletes that forge their own path. No one embodies that more than Jean-Baptiste Alaize, who had one of his legs amputated at just three years old.

Of course, that didn’t stop Alaize from chasing his dreams. He will be joining the LYMPO athlete pool, and users can stake LMT tokens to mint NFTs. Alaize has turned his tragic childhood into an inspiring example for athletes, young and old, worldwide. He has overcome war, grief, and violence. Lympo salutes the bravery of Jean-Baptiste Alaize and is proud to partner with such a unique hero.

“I’ve overcome many obstacles in my life, and it’s been fascinating to forge a career in sports when many people doubted it was possible. When Lympo approached me about joining their innovative platform — it was a very easy decision!”

Alaize’s Career:

Jean-Baptise Alaize, also known as “The Lion,” has been a professional athlete since 2007, and he began running once he was adopted by a French family and fitted with a prosthetic limb. Alaize’s early childhood is tragic, as he witnessed his mother’s murder and lost his leg to a machete attack at only three years old.

Alaize was also recently featured in the Netflix documentary Rising Phoenix. The documentary was released in 2020 and focused on nine different paralympic athletes. He also is heavily involved with the charity Champions For Peace.


Jean-Baptiste Alaize has won the following awards:

Under 23 Years:

● 2007 World Champion, Long Jump

● 2008 World Champion, Long Jump

● 2009 World Champion, Long Jump

● 2010 World Champion, Long Jump

● 2017 World Para Athletics Championship, Bronze, Long Jump

Athlete NFT Pool:

Lympo offers Lympo Market Tokens, or LMTs, which allows for the creation of NFT collectibles of world-class athletes. Users can stake these tokens to create one-of-a-kind NFTs, where their IP (intellectual property) is protected.

How Do I Find Out More?

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You can learn more about Lympo through our Telegram and Discord channels.

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