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Mar 26 · 4 min read

We are thrilled to announce a successful LMT token offering, resulting in the issuance of 50,982,694 LMT. You’ve absolutely blown us away with your support for the Lympo NFT ecosystem, and we can’t wait to continue our journey and build exciting ways for sports fans to engage with athletes via NFTs.

For those of you who’ve exchanged LYM for LMT, you can now view your LMT in your Metamask or any other ERC-20 wallet by clicking on “Add Token” and/or “Add Custom Token”, with the following details:

LMT contract: 0x327673ae6b33bd3d90f0096870059994f30dc8af

Symbol: LMT

Decimals: 18

Remember, only 1/3rd of your LMT will currently be visible in your wallet, as 1/3rd will be locked for three months, and 1/3rd will be locked for six months. You can always check your total amount of LMT tokens on Etherscan.io by searching for your ERC-20 wallet address and clicking on the Erc20 Token Txns tab (next to the Transactions tab).

For those who did not receive LMT despite paying gas fees

During the last few minutes of the LMT offering, we’ve noticed that some of you were still trying to complete your transactions. Since it was a 2-step process, all transactions had to be both “approved” and “exchanged” to successfully take place. We’ve noticed some of those transactions bounced back to the LYM holders without receiving any LMT, even when gas fees were paid.

We want to offer our Lympo community the support it deserves, which is why we’re launching a registration form for everyone who paid the gas fees but didn’t receive the LMT. We’ll then be executing OTC (over-the-counter) transactions for those of you who are eligible.

Fill in the form here if you’ve paid gas fees but haven’t received LMT tokens.

As we’ll be reviewing each of the registrations one by one, please keep in mind that this might take some time. If you’re eligible, you’ll have to send LYM to Lympo directly, after which you’ll receive the first 1/3rd of your LMT tokens in your wallet. The other 2/3rd of your LMT tokens will be sent to your wallet address according to the unlocking mechanism described above.

Benefits for the first LMT holders

If you have participated in this offering, you will have lifetime access to the exclusive Lympo NFT pool. This pool will contain one-of-a-kind NFTs with extra utilities that can be used within the entire Lympo ecosystem, so congrats for being one of Lympo’s hardcore fans!

For now, there’s nothing you have to do, as your wallet got whitelisted automatically to be added to the NFT pool. For all of you who are dying to know when you can start staking your LMT, the NFT staking platform will be launched in approximately one month. And yes, all of the LMT acquired (both locked and unlocked) can be staked to earn Lympo NFTs. Stay tuned for any upcoming news with regard to the next steps.

If you haven’t been able to participate in this offering, keep following the Lympo journey so you’ll be the first to know when you get another chance to get on board! In the meantime, LYM is trading on many top exchanges. And if you want to learn more about how LYM and LMT will work together to create value within the Lympo ecosystem, we’ve made this article that covers everything you need to know about the LYM and LMT tokenomics. Don’t forget to take a look at our light paper and get hyped up by the video below:

LYM token swap in 2019

For those of you who have been around for a while, Lympo has executed an automatic LYM token swap in March 2019, for which only Decentralized Exchange (IDEX) users had to register manually. We’ve noticed some people still haven’t received their new LYM tokens, which is why we’re opening up a registration form to help make the swap manually. In case you still don’t have your new LYM tokens, please fill in this form.

Please don’t confuse the 2019 token swap with the current LMT offering, as both are entirely unrelated. If you’re not a long-term LYM holder (since before March 2019) or you haven’t had any issues with the 2019 token swap, please ignore this paragraph entirely.

Again, we’ll have to check all registrations one by one, so please keep in mind that this might take some time.

Want to know more?

Visit https://lympo.com/lmt/

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