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Lympo and Blowfish Studios — Announcing a Play-To-Earn Partnership

Following our bridge to the Polygon blockchain that opened up more possibilities with reasonable transaction costs, we will be developing a Play-To-Earn blockchain game together with Blowfish Studios.

Blowfish Studios is an award-winning independent Sydney-based developer and publisher of high-quality multi-platform games, including Qbism, Siegecraft, Morphite, Projection: First Light, and Storm Boy.

Currently, Blowfish has a portfolio of 33 games, including self-developed and published titles.

With the most recent addition — Phantom Galaxies, Blowfish Studios is one of the largest and most powerful developers in the blockchain world.

These games combined have been played by over 2.5 million people.

Our goal is to develop play-to-earn blockchain games that utilize Lympo NFTs and $LMT as in-game assets. Blowfish Studios became a Lympo game development partner to create one of the first games in the Lympo NFT ecosystem.

Taking advantage of capabilities offered by non-fungible tokens allows us to create unique opportunities for cross-game interaction that brings value and rewards to the player together with one of the leading companies in this space. This will enable all Lympo NFT & $LMT holders to have additional utility for their assets and the opportunity to earn real-world rewards through gameplay.

Blowfish Studios is now spearheading blockchain game development for projects working together with Animoca Brands. As the co-founder and managing director of Blowfish, Benjamin Lee said:

“Joining the Animoca Brands family was a unique opportunity to grow the game development and publishing businesses of Blowfish and to leapfrog to the forefront of blockchain gaming. We are incredibly excited about our partnership with Lympo that will change the perception of blockchain gaming for mid-core and hardcore gamers everywhere.”

We are happy to have such an experienced team behind the development of our upcoming blockchain play-to-earn game and can not wait to bring more updates from the development cycle. More updates on the game theme and roadmap are planned in the second half of 2022. The full game launch is estimated next year.

Updated 3/30/2022: Due to a mistake the previous announcement text included the wrong time estimates for the launch of the game. We apologize for this and have updated the text to its correct version.

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Lympo is building a sports NFTs ecosystem including NFTs with IP rights of world-famous athletes and clubs.

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Lympo is building a sports NFTs ecosystem including NFTs with IP rights of world-famous athletes and clubs

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