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Lympo Enters Into a Deal With Vanquish — A Sports & Entertainment Business Development Agency

An astonishing new partnership is coming to Lympo — Vanquish.

Together with Vanquish, we’ll be working on building stronger connections between athletes and their fans. The partnership will start with an introduction of 11 female football stars, which we’ll reveal in the upcoming weeks.

Vanquish is a sport and entertainment business developer as well as an e-sport agency, working on bringing more partnerships to national and international brands and sports talents. Vanquish is dedicated to connecting various world-class athletes and sports events, institutions, competitions, or other partnership opportunities.

Together with Vanquish, we share the same goal — allowing sports fans from all around the world to connect with their favorite athletes.

That is why we are so excited about our partnership. We plan to onboard numerous world-famous sports athletes, clubs, and organizations and bring their fans unique NFT sports card collections, additional engagement opportunities through the Lympo Star Token platform, and a chance to immortalize their digital legacy.

We’ll start the partnership by introducing 11 brilliant female football stars.

But, this is only the beginning as more athletes will be making the jump to the Lympo ecosystem within time.

Together with Vanquish, we’ll make sure that Lympo users can be a part of sports history and get the chance to interact with some of the best sports talents around the world.

This will make our upcoming blockchain games richer in content, we’ll have a larger pool of NFTs to choose from and we’ll continue to be the industry leaders in sports NFT collecting.

This is an excellent opportunity to expand our ecosystem and improve the overall experience for our community members. As well as shed some light on the wonderful world of women’s football.

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