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New Minting Pool Revealed: Get A REVV Racing Car And Compete to Win from $150k in Prize Pool!

Stake your tokens, get a ready-to-race car and use it to earn some prizes. It’s that simple!

Hello, Lympo community!

We’re excited to bring you the latest and greatest from Lympo — a new minting pool in collaboration with REVV Racing, a blockchain game by Animoca Brands. This minting pool is the 3rd one in our series, appearing next to our Athletes and o’Lympians pools.

Now, you’ll be able to stake your LMT and REVV tokens to receive REVV Racing car NFTs. These NFTs can be used to win real value rewards in the REVV motorsports ecosystem.

As a bonus, the Public Alpha release for REVV Racing starts on August 11th and a $150k prize pool is up for grabs. So, what can you do to prepare and participate?

Use Lympo To Get Yourself A Race Car On August 10th

  1. Add LMT and REVV to the liquidity pool. You can do so by using UniSwap (click this link)
  2. Visit
  3. Choose the REVV Motorsport minting pool.
  4. Stake your LP tokens and earn daily credits (the minimum amount that can be staked is 300 LP tokens, the maximum is 1,000,000 LP tokens). Keep in mind, the more you stake, the more daily credits you earn!
  5. Spend your credits on KEYS until 00:01 UTC on August 10th.
  6. Every KEY holder will be airdropped a REVV Car for each KEY he holds on August 10th.

There are no limits on how many KEYs one person can hold. But there are only 1,000 KEYs up for grabs. So GO BIG and GO FAST! The sharpest drivers with the fastest cars will split a $150k prize pool in the REVV Racing Tournament on August 11th.

Want to know more about the REVV Racing Tournament and REVV tokens? No problem, we’ve got you covered.

Don’t have REVV yet? Check out this helpful video to get some: What is REVV and How to Get it in 3 Easy Steps!!

Let’s Get Into The Details

The REVV Motorsport pool will require you to stake liquidity in an LMT/REVV pool. The minimal amount of liquidity you can stake is 300 LP Tokens. The maximum amount is 1,000,000 LP Tokens. Based on the number of tokens you stake you’ll earn daily credits, the amount varies from 1 to 10.

Limits are in place because we want to ensure fair participation between all of the token holders.

Once you have enough credits, you’ll be able to spend them on KEYs. There’s a total of 1,000 KEYs available. However, there are no limits on how many KEYs 1 person can hold.

For each KEY you hold on August 10th will receive a free ready-to-race car that can be used in the upcoming REVV Racing Tournament on August 11th. During the tournament, top car racers will split a $150k prize pool.

That means you can get yourself a free REVV Racing car NFT and be part of blockchain gaming history in the 1st ever REVV Racing Tournament. Good luck and we’ll see you on the track!

Want to know more or have additional questions?

Get more information on the REVV Racing Tournament event

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