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o’Lympian NFT pool reveal

The New Era starts soon

Hello, Lympo community!

We hope your week is going well. We’ve been busy lately, but our team is beyond excited to announce some great news and updates with you! Since Lympo is becoming even more functional and engaging, it’s about time to reveal some crucial details and remind you how to make the most of us for now.

Lympo NFTs: how, where, when?

As you already know, all holders of LMT (Lympo Market Token) will be eligible to take part in several different pools to stake their tokens and thus get Lympo NFTs. At the moment, we’re planning three pools to distribute the latter:

1. Athletes pool: The kingdom of World-famous athletes, clubs, influencers, and enthusiasts NFTs

2. o’Lympians pool: Custom made characters that will transition to the expanded ecosystem assets (Media, content, and games)

3. Exclusive private pool: One of a kind NFT minting place where only the most hardcore Lympo fans will find a home. NFTs that will be minted here will have extra utilities in the whole Lympo ecosystem.

More of digital sports NFTs: *o’Lympians collection* arriving

Hold on tight: we’re about to reveal the first edition of our o’Lympians collection! What is the o’Lympians collection? Speaking shortly, it’s a brand new pool of custom characters NFTs, which will have outstanding collectible value and will be beneficial in the upcoming ecosystem expansion. Each character will represent a different sport (basketball, football, MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), tennis, and baseball).

Additionally, each of these characters will have different rarity levels. The range of them looks like this, from the lowest to the highest:

The higher the level, the rarer and more valuable that particular card will be.

Collect FIVE LEGENDARY NFTs and receive an extra reward

What’s more, the ones collecting all five legendary cards can expect some very juicy reward! We won’t provide that spoiler now, yet there’s a little secret to be revealed. These great rewards will enhance your digital leisure and bring your participation in Lympo to a whole new level.

We’ll eventually reveal each character: follow us for more information. Many exciting surprises are about to happen: we can promise a thrilling scenario in this brand new o’Lympian world.

And for now, we’re keen to present the very 1st name here:

The legendary Sakata Natsu, aka Wise Man from MMA world!


Born in Kabukicho, Tokyo, Japan, he grew up in a challenging environment; Sakata had seen too much violence and abuse. Naturally, he rejected any idea that showing off physical superiority could lead him anywhere. Eventually, the Wise Man learns that real and professional fighting is about determination, strategy, and inner power rather than explicit violence. Martial arts opened an entirely new world to Sakata, overcoming past ghosts and strengthening his soul.

Sakata is well-known for his skinny yet muscular appearance. He

can overcome any enemy by reading their body language and using his ultimate evasion ability. Although introverted, he will take advantage of sensing and feeling.

He’s now the Lympo MMA world legend, but this is only how the story starts…

Are you excited about the further story of Sakata Natsu?

Be ready to load up your LMT tokens and join the o’Lympians NFT pool.

LMT token offering

LMT tokens will be available for LYM token holders in two stages in the upcoming weeks.

LYM token holders will be able to access LMT token offering via a special offering website. Participants will claim 50% of exchanged tokens immediately and soon start staking them to receive Lympo NFTs. The rest 50% of the exchanged LMT tokens will be ready to be claimed over ten weeks in equal parts.

All the participants who will join the LMT token offering will automatically be added to the exclusive NFT pool for a lifetime.

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Lympo is building a sports NFTs ecosystem including NFTs with IP rights of world-famous athletes and clubs.

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Lympo is building a sports NFTs ecosystem including NFTs with IP rights of world-famous athletes and clubs