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REVV Motorsport Car NFT Winners Announced!

Back in September, we’ve announced that we’re collaborating with REVV Motorsports and airdropping free REVV NFTs to Lympo users. Well, the results have been calculated, and here are the winners!

Check out the winning wallet list!

We will be dropping a total of 1463 REVV Motorsports NFT cars to the winners on November 2nd. We will airdrop the NFTs on the Polygon Blockchain.

Additional note:

Some participants might have received Alexandra Trusova themed cars as a bonus NFT. This happened due to a tiny sending mixup on our part, but this just means more free NFTs for the community and more racers on the track! So congratulations to all the winners — we’re happy to have you on board.

Airdrop Recap

Thirteen different REVV Motorsport NFT cars were up for grabs. Each REVV Motorsport car NFT was themed around one of the existing Lympo Athletes.

Holders of existing Lympo Athlete NFTs had a percentage chance to get a REVV Motorsport car airdropped to their wallet for free. These were the percentages:

Legendary — 100%
Epic — 75%
Rare — 50%
Uncommon — 25%
Common — 10 %

Meaning if you had a Legendary Tony G card, you would get his REVV car 100% of the time. If you had a common Tony G card, you would have a 10% chance to get his REVV car.

In total, we had:

585 Common Card Entries — 72 of these were winners.

1664 Uncommon Card Entries — 449 of these won.

1310 Rare Card Entries — 647 Winners!

330 Epic Card Entries — 230 of them won.

65 Legendary card entries, of which all 65 have won a REVV car.

That means we’ll be airdropping — 1463 REVV Motorsports cars on November 2nd. All NFTS will be airdropped on the Polygon Blockchain. Want to know what REVV Motorsports is all about? Head on over to their website — to learn more.

How Many Cars Of Each Athlete Were Won?

Of course, we were interested to see which Lympo Athlete had the largest following and successfully won their holders the largest amount of REVV cars. Here’s all the info about individual athlete victories.

Alexandra Trusova — 131 Cars

Anissa Meksen — 75 Cars

Samuel Maxwell — 67 Cars

Rhianon Lovelace — 72 Cars

Colin Dagba — 90 Cars

Eddie Hall — 101 Cars

Rose Namajunas — 179 Cars

Darya Klishina — 134 Cars

Sergej Maslobojev — 142 Cars

Žydrūnas Savickas — 116 Cars

Tony G — 177 Cars

Moussa Diaby — 77 Cars

Athlete Car NFTs Are Available to Mint!

Luck wasn’t on your side, and you didn’t win a car? No worries! You can still mint one using the REVV Motorsports Minting Pool.

If you’ve minted your car keys early, we’ll be dropping a ready-to-race car to your Polygon wallet after our bridge to Polygon is over. You can find more information about that here in our previous blog post:

Big Update: Lympo Joins Polygon Studios to Bridge NFTs to Polygon and Develop Play-to-Earn Blockchain Games

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