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REVV Motorsport NFT Pool Expansion — Get A FREE NFT

High octane racing NFTs coming to Lympo, get yourself a car and get ready to press the pedal to the metal.

Are you thrilled by the exciting world of motorsports and blockchain gaming? We are too! That’s why we’re incredibly excited to add more NFTs to the REVV Motorsport pool on Lympo. And to celebrate this we’re airdropping REVV Motorsport car NFTs, interested? Let’s get into the details.

Rose Namajunas themed REVV Motorsport NFT

We’re adding 12 REVV Motorsport NFTs to the REVV Motorsport minting pool. Each REVV Motorsport car NFT will be themed around one of the existing Lympo Athletes, and here’s the lineup (click to preview the NFT):

All of these NFTs are more than just collectibles, they’re part of the play-to-earn REVV racing ecosystem. The REVV Motorsports universe allows it’s users to earn money by participating in their Blockchain games.

The best part is, you’re eligible to win a FREE REVV Motorsport NFT if you’re a holder of existing Lympo Athlete NFTs since we’ll be airdropping REVV Motorsport car NFTs to people who already hold Lympo Athlete NFTs of various rarity.

Eddie Hall themed REVV Motorsport NFT

How Does The Airdrop Work?

If you’re a holder of existing Lympo Athlete NFTs you’ll have a percentage chance to get a REVV Motorsport car airdropped to your wallet. Here are the percentages:

Legendary — 100%

Epic — 75%

Rare — 50%

Uncommon — 25%

Common — 10 %

If you hold multiple NFTs, each is considered as a separate entry to the airdrop. That means if you have 1 rare and 3 commons you’ll have 4 chances to win the REVV Motorsport car NFT. In short, if you have 10 common Eddie Hall Lympo NFTs you have 10 separate chances of 10% each, to win (the percentages don’t stack).

The airdrop will be taking place in the upcoming weeks. So, mint your Lympo Athlete NFTs before October 8th and have a chance to win a free REVV Motorsport car NFT. You can start minting by visiting the Lympo NFT minting pool —

Keep in mind that, the REVV Motorsport car NFTs will be sent using the Mattic Chain (Polygon).

Can I Mint REVV Motorsport NFTS?

Yes, you absolutely can! We’ll add all 12 car NFTs available to mint using the Lympo NFT Minting platform. To participate in the REVV Motorsport minting pool, you’ll need to add LMT & REVV tokens to the Uniswap liquidity pool.

Then stake your LP tokens to earn daily credits and exchange your credits to the REVV Motorsport Car Key NFT that you want the most. Once you have your car keys ready, you’ll be able to exchange them for REVV Car NFTs in the near future. Here’s a summary:

  1. Add LMT and REVV to the liquidity pool. You can do so by using UniSwap (click this link)
  2. Visit
  3. Choose the REVV Motorsport minting pool.
  4. Stake your LP tokens and earn daily credits (the minimum amount that can be staked is 300 LP tokens, the maximum is 1,000,000 LP tokens). Keep in mind, the more you stake, the more daily credits you earn!
  5. Spend your daily credits on REVV Motorsport Car Keys.

You’ll be able to exchange your minted Car Key NFTs to REVV Motorsport cars in the near future.

Whether it be an airdropped car or a minted one — we can’t wait to see you on the race track. Good luck to everyone, and wait for more news in the following weeks.

Anthony Pettis themed REVV Motorsport NFT

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