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SPORT Token Claiming Stage 1: Review Your Holding Reports!

Starting today, you can visit to review your LMT holding reports and prepare for the SPORT token distribution.

About the SPORT Token

The SPORT token will be replacing the functionality of LMT. Once the SPORT token is implemented into the Lympo NFT ecosystem, all SPORT holders will be eligible to participate in Lympo NFT minting pools and NFT Staking events to receive additional SPORT tokens

You can read more about the SPORT token here — Lympo Lightpaper

How To Review Your LMT Holdings Report

  1. Visit and connect your wallet
  2. You will be presented with the information we’ve gathered about your LMT holdings through all available networks for the wallet you have connected.
  3. You have 72 hours to review the information to make sure it’s correct.
  4. If you believe the information to be correct, confirm your LMT holdings and wait for Stage 2 to begin.

If you believe that the information gathered is incorrect, you can submit a request for a manual review. After manual re-calculation review, your LMT holding report can show more, less or the same amount of LMT.

During the 72-hour period, you can email the Lympo team with questions about Stage 1. We’ll provide all the assistance we can!

How Were The LMT Holding Reports Generated?

These past few months we have been working hard to scrape and collect all the data about the LMT holders affected by this incident. We’ve collectively created a database of all LMT holders throughout the various available networks — using this data, Lympo engineers calculated how much LMT each wallet has held across various networks.

Due to the complexity, there might be small discrepancies in these calculations. That’s why each user will have 72 hours to log in and review the report generated by our team. If users believe the report doesn’t represent their LMT holdings accurately we will offer a manual review upon request (this might result in more, less or an equal amount of SPORT token received).

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